My life week #40

It’s time to give you a little sneak peek in my life. My week started bad, but it ended special. Because I was for 24h in the cinema. This was so weird but also special! And I would do it again for sure! Curious what else I did this week?


Meh, it’s just like always, I start my week bad… But I had so much back pain that I forgot to take photos. And because it was that worse I sat whole the evening on a massage chair… Oh, but something that was great that day was that I was on the television. I had a small part in a series ‘buurtpoltie’. I forgot to take a picture from it, but next week I will share it will you!


This week really started bad… Normally I had an appointment. But the street where I live was closed and I couldn’t ride away even not with a bike! Arrgg… So I thought yes, then let’s work from home… So I tried out a breakfast drink, but it was not so good. In the evening the street was back again free. So I could go to my first aid lesson I though. But all of the sudden I needed to help someone from my family with a school task. It toke longer that expected so my boyfriend made me some fries…


Wednesday I made a video in Dutch, I tried out different Japanese snack and candy.

After that I went to the hospital to visited someone from my family and when I was back home my boyfriend made me a lovely pasta!


Thursday it was a rush for me to get in time in Antwerp for the fashion retail evening. It was so interesting and I always forget how beautiful Antwerp is at night.

After an interesting night I was craving ice cream… And I tried out this raspberry magnum cup. And just woow, it’s so good!


After a busy day, I had dinner with one of my best friends! I toke a veggie wok and this was the huge plate I got. It was so good, but in the evening I was so sick from the food….


Yesss, Saturday was a special day! Because Saturday morning we went to kinepolis Antwerp for the Harry Potter marathon. 24h in the cinema. Crazy, but so cool!

And between all the movies I tried the famous butterscotch beer, so sweet and special!


Sunday started of course in the kinepolis because we were still watching movies. And when I was finally home I did some work and around 12h I went to sleep. Around 15h I woke up to edit the vlog and to eat this salad because I was so hungry…

Oh, and I also eat this Harry Potter chocolate creature. 🙂

This week I don’t have special plans, so we will see what this week will bring to me!

Lots of love xxx

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