My life week #40

It’s time to give you a little sneak peek in my life. My week started bad, but it ended special. Because I was for 24h in the cinema. This was so weird but also special! And I would do it again for sure! Curious what else I did this week?


Meh, it’s just like always, I start my week bad… But I had so much back pain that I forgot to take photos. And because it was that worse I sat whole the evening on a massage chair… Oh, but something that was great that day was that I was on the television. I had a small part in a series ‘buurtpoltie’. I forgot to take a picture from it, but next week I will share it will you!


This week really started bad… Normally I had an appointment. But the street where I live was closed and I couldn’t ride away even not with a bike! Arrgg… So I thought yes, then let’s work from home… So I tried out a breakfast drink, but it was not so good. In the evening the street was back again free. So I could go to my first aid lesson I though. But all of the sudden I needed to help someone from my family with a school task. It toke longer that expected so my boyfriend made me some fries…


Wednesday I made a video in Dutch, I tried out different Japanese snack and candy.

After that I went to the hospital to visited someone from my family and when I was back home my boyfriend made me a lovely pasta!


Thursday it was a rush for me to get in time in Antwerp for the fashion retail evening. It was so interesting and I always forget how beautiful Antwerp is at night.

After an interesting night I was craving ice cream… And I tried out this raspberry magnum cup. And just woow, it’s so good!


After a busy day, I had dinner with one of my best friends! I toke a veggie wok and this was the huge plate I got. It was so good, but in the evening I was so sick from the food….


Yesss, Saturday was a special day! Because Saturday morning we went to kinepolis Antwerp for the Harry Potter marathon. 24h in the cinema. Crazy, but so cool!

And between all the movies I tried the famous butterscotch beer, so sweet and special!


Sunday started of course in the kinepolis because we were still watching movies. And when I was finally home I did some work and around 12h I went to sleep. Around 15h I woke up to edit the vlog and to eat this salad because I was so hungry…

Oh, and I also eat this Harry Potter chocolate creature. 🙂

This week I don’t have special plans, so we will see what this week will bring to me!

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!


  • Delphine

    Oh nog een Harry Potter fan!

    Ik zat klaar om tickets te kopen om in Brugge te kunnen gaan, maar dan bedacht ik mij dat mijn rug en knieën echt geen 24 uur in een cinema aankunnen. Je filmpje is echt supergoed gedaan. Goed om te zien dat ze aan deo enz dachten. Ik kan geloven dat een cosy seat een luxe is op dat moment. Je ziet ook dat je haar keurig is voor de 1e film en naarmate de 8e film heeft je haar een beetje een “Je m’en fou’ attitude. Heerlijk!

    • MissPrettiness

      Ja, ik ben dol op Harry Potter.;) Aah, snap ik wel was zeer vermoeid…
      Haha, ja klopt helemaal.
      Ik liep er ook rond op mijn sokken op den duur zelfs om naar de wc te gaan want het was zeer vermoeid. 😉

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