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My life week #39

Last week was full with exciting things… Monday I got a message that I could go on a casting Thursday… For the rest I also went for the very first time to facts. There I saw the panel from John Barrowman. And this was just amazing! So keep on reading if you wanna see all what I did last week…


Sunday evening I went with my boyfriend to France for his job. So Monday I was in France and I was back home late in the evening. But it was so nice and as lunch I ate this yummie veggie quiche.


Tuesday I got a nice package from kneipp with a lovely candle and fragrance sticks in it. I will make a separate article about it to tell you more. For the rest it was a boring day. Because I was feeling ill. But because I had so much to do I worked from out of my bed with a strong ginger tea.

In the evening I luckily was a bit better so that I could go to my first aid lesson. It was an interesting lesson, and this time we learned how to use the aed device and we learned CPR. But because I didn’t eat much that day, I was starving when I was home… So this good twix yogurt was the perfect solutions! 😉


Wednesday I visited my mum. But because she wasn’t home yet, I waited in the sun and read a book and of course I hugged the cat a lot.


Thursday I did a casting for something special. And this week I will know more, so hopefully I can tell you soon more… 🙂


Friday evening I went to the waaslandshopping centrum to sent the packing from the doumyhands giveaway, away to the winner. And also to buy some deco items to decorate the house for my boyfriends birthday.


Saturday it was time to go for my very first time to facts. And I can tell you it was amazing! And in April I wanna go back for sure! 🙂

And after that we went for a late lunch by ikea… I had a veggie Moroccan dish that was really but really good!


Sunday was my boyfriends birthday party with lots and lots of cake. Everything was homemade (except the vanilla slices and puffs). And it was a lovely party with good food! And good food = good mood! 😉

This week I have something special planed… Because I’m going to be 24h in the cinema to watch all the Harry Potter movies, yaay so excited! And I also will go to a fashion retail evening with interesting guest speakers!

Lots of love xxx

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