My life week #38

Last week was so amazing! I had a casting, I went to 2 unique and stunning events. And of course I did a lot more… So keep on reading if you wanna see everything that I did last week…


My week started very excited because I had to go to Zaventem for a casting… I went very well, so let’s hope for the best!

In the afternoon I also got a phone call that I had to help someone and I drove to Antwerp. And when I was back home I tried out this maxi kinder surprise. This is way to cool! And that day I also cleaned out my car, because it was necessary…


Tuesday was all about the secret magnum dinner. I really didn’t know what to expect. But it was much and much better than what I expected, it was that amazing!

I had such a wonderful evening, so a big thanks to magnum!


Wednesday was a busy day, I started the day with a smoothie. And not a normal smoothie but I tried to make the tomorrowland smoothie that I loved so much. If you want a recipe… 😉


Thursday I also had a cool event planned but this time from 2 beauty brands. Namely from Les Couleurs de Noir & Uriage. But before I left for the event I eat this lovely salad.

This event self was so cool and for sure worth it! I met so many amazing people.


Yess… This was also a busy day and in the evening it was of course time for fries…


Saturday started with a breakfast. I choose a green tea and a raspberry yogurt bowl with coconut and mint. So good!

Then it was time to clean my car… We also went to the supermarket and we also stopped at a clothing store. And there if found these beauties for only €15.😍

And in the evening it was time for a movie and cheese plate.


Was not such a special day. Normally we would go with the family to a restaurant and to the movies. But because of the bad weather and a sick boyfriend it was all canceled.

It was a special week with 2 awesome events.❤️

This week is less spectacular. But I’m going to write some blogposts. And maybe to the movies and for the rest I have a casting. And I’m going for the first time to facts and it’s my boyfriends birthday. So it’s going to be a good week.

Lots of love xxx

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