My life week #36

Ok, this week is the my life article a bit later than normal. But this comes because otherwise I found that I posted it too much, because last week only 1 other article came online. But here is the my life article. It was a special week. My first ‘first aid’ class started & normally I would go to Bellewaerde. But this didn’t go as we hoped…


Just like last week I started the week a bit sick. But luckily I could do some work and in the evening I ate this yummie magnum. This is really my craving from lately.


Tuesday night I quick made a toast with vegan cheese and fresh tomatoes from our garden.

After my quick dinner I left for my first lesson from my first add class. It was very interesting, and my grandparents life there in the neighborhood. So before and after the class I visited them. And after the class I even stayed till 23h45… Oopsie, but it was so cosy!


Wednesday evening I did quick some groceries shopping at albert heijn.

And after that it was tapas evening. Easy but tasty!


Normally we would go with friends to Bellewaerde but the day before I came till the conclusion that the amusement park wasn’t open. So we needed another option. And that was hard, but one amusement park that was open was in the Netherlands, the magical efteling.

Funny fact, or not so funny for me… Last year when I was in the Efeling they closed the ‘flying Dutchman’ because of technical problems. And yes… this time the same thing happened. We were waiting and they closed the attraction right in from of use…

During my visited I tried out a milkshake and a potato on a stick. They both warn’t that fantastic, but nice to try out for once.

We closed our funny day in a… Yes, a water attraction… And you can’t see it very clearly but I was as good as whole wet. Normally are my pants lights from color, and I was very wet because in the evening it still wasn’t dried up.


Friday was a busy day. And between some things I had to bring my boyfriend to the garage, his work,etc. So I was a real driver for one day. 😉


Saturday was all about getting everything ready for the jumble sale. Because next weekend we don’t have time for that. I also brought a little visited to the lidl and of course except bread I also bought a fitness tool and a panty…


Sunday was the day that Bellewaerde was open. So Sunday we went for real. We normally would go for breakfast, but this wasn’t possible. So we bought some pastries for on the road.

It was so much fun in bellewaerde and we also brought a visited to the animals. 😉

And this was last week. Unexpected I visited 2 amusement parks in 1 week. Normally I’m not doing that in one year, but it was so much fun!

This week is very busy. Especially the last part, because I have to help 2 days with photographing a wedding and the day after that I’m selling stuff on a jumble sale. And I also have another first add class and a laser hair removal.

Enjoy this new week!

Lots of love xxx

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