My life week 33 & 34

So from now on will the my life article come online each Monday! Or better I will try to get it online each Monday! 😉 This sneak peek started on a Saturday two weeks ago. In these weeks I did some fun stuff like going to a movie in 3D, I made photos for instagram, I had a cat for 1 week,… Curious what else I did? And why I had a cat just for one week? Then keep on reading!

Let’s start with Saturday two weeks ago. It was such a busy day and in the evening we went to the movies. But because we did have time to eat, we stopped on the way at burger king. I toke fries and a small salad because I wasn’t that hungry. Oh, and the soda’s at burger kind are just awesome, strawberry fanta, sprite and also other special tastes, I love it!

We arrived just in time for the movie. We say the newest mission impossible movie in 3D. It is an amazing movie, with of course and amazing crew and locations! But also the movie is impressive, with some unexpected plots. I you ask me, then I find this the best mission impossible movie till now! Or you need to see this in 3D, that is something that you need to decide yourself!

The next day we went on an expedition from a local famous story: reynaert the fox.

My boyfriend brought me this good ice cream with mint, basil and red fruits.

So I was the “owner” of a cat for a week. Or better I was the cat sitter. I toke care for the cat because the owners where on vacation. Because I also had to look after the post I went downstairs with the elevator in a chill outfit on my socks. And when I was back home there was a package for me or better for my boyfriend. But this was not an easy delivery… The compagnie ask for a collab, I gave them my address… But they send it to the wrong number… But luckily it finally arrived! 😉

We had lunch with the family from my boyfriend in the city, ‘Antwerp’. It was at the Chinese, and luckily they had one veggie option. But finding a good Chinese restaurant is hard. Or the food is bad, or there are not veggie option or in the most cases the restaurant are not hygienic.

After the food we took some photos for instagram. If you are curious then be sure to follow me on the gram. In the evening it was movie time with a good salad.

Oh, I’m so happy that I could take care of this lovely cat for a week! <3

Saturday we had breakfast, my boyfriend had a voucher and this was the perfect moment. It was so good! And I also tried out the mocktail with raspberry, lime, mint and lavender, a lovely combination!

This brand don’t exist any longer, but I still had a soup and smoothie in the fridge from it. The soup was not that fantastic, but the smoothie was as always tasty!

Friday means fries! Whoop whoop, Friday is fries day for a long time now. And this time it was from the snack bar, I had fries with mozzarella sticks and ‘special’ sauce.

During my week catsitting I toke more than 100 pic from this cutie… But I will keep the rest from the cat spam for myself and the owner! 😉

We closed the week with a pizza and a movie. Can you spot the difference between the photo before in this room? (Little tip, carpet & table 😉 )

So this was the sneak peek from last weeks. This week I don’t have many plans. But I’m probably going to look to do another extra class. And Wednesday I’m going to a premiere and this weekend I’m going to relax in a wellness.

I hope that you are also going to do amazing things this last week from August!

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!