My life week 19 + 20

Ok, ok, ok I know it looks like much for a my life article. But it is not that much! Because it aren’t two weeks that I’m going to show you but just one. Maybe know you are curious how this comes? This comes because I will start this my life article on a Wednesday and not on a Monday. Just because I wanna do special… No just because that week my Monday & Tuesday weren’t that special! 😉 But the week I’m showing you was very special because I went to a special wedding and much more…


So we start on a Wednesday. It was a ‘normal’ working day and in the late afternoon my brother visited me to do some food photography. Hmm, and the best part of it all… Was eating it. 😉 In the evening I presented another live broadcast, but I forgot to take pictures, oops…


Thursday I had a third meeting for the volunteer work that I wanna do. It was a positive meeting and I directly could start the next week. But now an update about that… In the week that I could start working as volunteer I got the news that my job stopped from June because of a chance in the legislation… I will tell the story in a short version. So now I need to look and find another job what also means that I don’t have the beautiful and handy hours that I had. So I I wouldn’t be able to do this volunteer work. Because with the job I now have it’s easy to combine and make time for it. But this will soon chance… So no volunteer work but a searching after another job…

Now back to that Thursday… Then I played out bioshock infinite. And wow, this is such a good game! I will for sure play this one again but then on the hard stand instead of the normal one. But for now I’m playing another game. 😉


This was the last day to bring a visit to the garden of Laken. It was for sure worth the visited! I can recommend this for sure, also the perfect location to make pictures.


On Saturday I went to a Birthday party in an all you can eat. Unfortunately their wasn’t much for veggie… But the desserts were good. 😉

After that I brought a short visited to the second hands store and their I came till the conclusion that it wasn’t a good idea to go eat in white clothing… Yes, when I was home I needed to hand wash my pants and shirt…


I tried out the new roulette chips from dorios. And the first one I ate was already the bad one… Very spicy and I had a blue tongue after eating it. Personally I also didn’t like the flavor from these chips. So next time I take my regular doritos chips!

Sunday it was also Mother’s day… So we visited my grandmother and she bought these desserts for whole the family, mmm!


Monday I got the bad news about my job that you already could read… But the mail man made my day better. Because finally they delivered my packages after more than 4x a delay… And one of these packages was the beautiful spring collection from essie. Tomorrow you can read all about this collection and see the swatches on my blog! 🙂

And in the evening it was time to present another live broadcast.


Something I hate is to go car maintenance. But Thursday I had a day off and I finally went. Luckily the waiting game was a bit more fun thanks to some good magazines.


Wednesday was a very special day, the wedding from leo & lea. And a funny fact: when I told my boyfriend about it was his reaction: I didn’t know that you know leo. He was talking about a real person named leo and they call him cookie, hahah. 🙂 But the wedding itself was amazing!

I hope you loved to read another my life article? Next week again? Or do you prefer a review or something else? 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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