My life week 16 & 17

It’s time for a new my life article, so time to show you how these two weeks went. During these weeks we had so much luck with some good weather, and it was also time for the press days, I started with my dj-lesson and it was the clouds of fashion closet sale! But I also had some bad luck because I also felt ill. But now, I’m a bit better! But these two weeks where amazing despite the sick part! 😉

On Tuesday I started with the dj-lesson in the beautiful city Ghent! And sometimes I hate Ghent and sometimes I love it, but the location from the lession is perfect to ride too.

Wednesday it was time for a face mask! I tried one out from my beauty diaries and because the weather was so good I eat a salad outside!

Do you remember that I told you that I was live on the radio… I finally received the party cd!

I also worked a bit on my blog in the sun. And a little tip: this aloe vera drink from action is so good and not to expensive! It’s the perfect drink for a warmer day!

Thursday I bought new plants and herbs. So it was time to make a second planter and to give it a pretty color. So now I have two home made planters and soon a third one is coming! I really love to have a little vegetable garden and I planted cucumber, peppers, mint and much more!

And in the evening my boyfriend had the idea to do a BBQ I had some veggie food. And the food and the weather where just perfect!

On Friday I felt so ill so I tried to get better very fast, so I toke a ginger shot and some extra supplements.

But instead of becoming better it was getting worse… So on Monday I brought a visit to the doctor. And once again it where the sinuses…

But Tuesday I was a bit better and I went to the press days. Maybe I will make an article about it. But I went to the press days with Sarah from palmtreesandheels, and it was an awesome day! I also got introduced to this good finley with pineapple, mint and cucumber. And I also tried a gin cocktail.

And because the weather was good, it was time to put on this outfit again.

Thursday I tried out these pore strips from aliexpress. And in the evening it was time to read a book in bed!

Saturday it was brunch time with these good banana pancakes!

And Sunday it was time for the major clouds of fashion closet sale. I went to all the editions and it’s for sure worth it!

So these where my two weeks, and the next weeks started good. Because Monday I went to the opening from the primark and for the rest I also have dj-lesson and two examens!

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!