My life week 12 & 13

The last two weeks past by so fast! And in this my life article I take you with me to ao clouds of fashion. Because I went to their girl gang day! And for the rest I’m showing you other cool things, good food and I even been on the radio! Are you curious why? Then keep on reading!

On Monday I went to the ikea. Mainly for the good and cheap veggie food, and their vegetable dumplings where so good! But also for a new small table for my product photography. And I also bought two awesome summery cocktail scents candles.

And this was my outfit. I found this dress second hands and I couldn’t show it before because of the cold weather. But because the sun was shining a bit I choose to wear this beautiful dress! And I’m in love! But to be honest, when the sun was gone, this outfit was a bit to cold.

Wednesday I brought my sweet mom a visited, because she asked me to take pictures for her. And after that we order a good and fresh ginger tea.

And of course I also went by my mom her home, to see her amazing cat! Because I just love cats so much! And when I was home it was again time for some tea! This time I went for the pickwick, energy. This one is so good, but I can’t find it no more in the stores… Meeh, but I’m not giving up, because this was the perfect tea for me when I needed a boost.

Friday I started my day with another breakfast then I normally would choose, cornflakes with strawberries and coconut milk. Because I had some time left Friday my boyfriend and I decided to bring a little visit to the second hands store. And it wasn’t a little visit because 1h later, and €36 less was this everything we bought! It looks much (it also is…) but keep in mind that the trunk from my car is small! 😉

Yaay, it was finally time for new nails! And I don’t think that you wanna see the before photo, because that was real horror! So I’m happy that my nails are now pretty in pink!

I’m busy with renovations at my home. And Monday evening I went to Antwerp!

I was in Antwerp for the clouds of fashion, girlgangday- social media class from Laurentine. It was such an interesting night and after the reading we got her book ‘from blog to brand’ signed. And of course I bought something at store, some chokers (5 for €8) and a necklace.

Saturday my boyfriend needed to photography a communion. And I wasn’t feeling it so I wanted to sit in the car for a bit. And their was a competition on the radio, and normally I don’t do this. But this time you had to send an SMS at the moment that song would play and tell them from witch artist it is. And because it was my tomorrowland song I toke a change and guess what… 5 minutes later they called me and told me I won the party CD! Yaah!

For easter my family did a cheese and wine evening. But for me it was mainly water and bread because I was a bit sick. And I also came till the conclusion that my purse and coat where ruined thanks to a broken pen. Aaarrg…

Last but not least these lovely and good chocolate eggs from godiva! I got these onces and the one with strawberries flavor are so good!

And this was it for today’s my life article! This week I have an appointment for laser hair removal for my armpits and also for the bikini line. For my armpits is almost my last session and for my bikini line is it the first one! I’m curious!

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!


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