My life: summer photos #2

Ok, this article was planned on the fault date… But here is the sneak peek from the past summer months. I did a lot from tomorrowland till a solicitation till shooting days for a movie… Are you curious? Then keep on reading to see my summer in photos!

This is a photo from at the fire is gold festival. On the festival side there where such an amazing decors to make picture with!

My boyfriend was the photographer on a beauty/catwalk event. Because he was the photographer we both got all the evian flavors, and these were so good! And between the waiting I ask him to make a photo with my phone to show you my outfit. Ok, those shoes don’t suit the dress perfectly… But we went by motorbike (I had a jeans with me) from there the weird combination from shoes, but hey everything for safety!

Of course I supported for or red devils ever time! Even 2 times on the big screen, they made Belgium very proud! I also received a package from cime, I will review these products very soon!

During a BBQ at my place… Yes, uh someone just saggy through this chair, but luckily he didn’t hurt him! Buuut it was so funny to see this happening… 😉 During a visited to a shop I saw this to cute cat laying between the decoration!

I already went to fantasia festival before, long long ago. So I thought I would be fun if I go again! It was so much fun, only the food… We waited more than 1 hour for we got or fries….

Before the match France-Belgium I went to my mum for some pizza and then we watched the match on a big screen. Belgium played beautiful!

Just before my boyfriend and I went to dreamville, I first did a solicitation in the neighbourhood. It went very well and after that it was time for dreamville!

I already wrote a review about brasa and what you must eat for sure at tomorrowland. And maybe another article will also come with some more photos!

The week after my tomorrowland weekend I had two shooting days for a movie. And with that heat it was exhausting but so much fun! And because my boyfriend was not home for a week and was in the neighbourhood from where I was… So we say each other back in the mcd for a date with a good veggie burger and fries with cheese sauce on to, mmm!

I really love this kind of braids… So I need to practice a lot to get it that tight!

I helped someone with moving, and between that I eat sushi for the very first time! And I liked it!

Outside it was 37 degrees but this cutie thought it wasn’t warm enough and he laid under this fuzz, so cute!

A relaxing evening with my boyfriend and eating a salad with that view isn’t bad at all! 😉

I made this pasta with all fresh vegetables from my own garden. This is so cool but for sure so yummie! It’s a veggie pasta with tomato sauce, zucchini and pine nuts.

This huge zucchini comes out the garden and as you can see it’s huge! And … once again the cable for my ipad broke down… It doesn’t matter or I buy a cheap or the real cable, they are immediately broken. So now I’m only buying the cheap cable! 😉

With 35 degrees I had to work in a long jeans, it was so hot and I was sweating crazy. But it was so much fun because I had to work on a festival!

I tried this quinoa salade and after that I went to the hospital. They did different testes and soon I need to go back…

So this were the last couple of weeks. And from now on I’m going to try to post such a sneak peek article weekly. So normally the first one comes online Monday! So I hope that you will love this more! 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!

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