My life: summer #1

Oopsie, the last my life article on my blog is one from more than a month ago… But I will make it up to you with some more my life articles! 😉 And the beginning of June was very exciting for me… I had namely an unexpected shooting for a little part in a series with some text. It was so cool, because a few weeks ago I already shared a behind the scene with you from another acting assignment. I’m so happy that I also can do such things! But except that I also had a special photoshoot! So time to show you my behind the scenes from lately…

As you maybe know I was a few weeks ago on a short vacation in Mallorca. And I still found this photo on my phone so of course I needed to share it in the sneak peek!

The day we arrived back in Belgium I got an email from zodiak. They were looking for someone to play a small part in a series the next day in the morning. I thought, oh yes why not? It was a heavy morning especially after such a vacation, but it was for sure worth it! I also visited a beautiful yoga studio.

In the weekend I love to treat myself with these lovely banana pancakes. The fruit was from out my garden and that makes it extra good! 🙂

Each year I’m trying to go to the sinksenfoor in Antwerp. I really love the atmosphere there, the food, the fun,… Yes, this is an activity that I’m doing each year!

And my boyfriend and I couldn’t resist to play with the ‘money’. We had lots and lots of them, only the points was a disappointment. But good, we had so much fun!

After a busy day, I love to watch a good series with some ice cream. This is the vegan ben & jerry’s brownie fudge and it’s way to good!

Because the weather was so good, I found it a good idea to blog outside. And in the evening I eat some more fresh fruit from the garden. We also have a special strawberry kind namely pineberries, and these are so good!

For my neighbors I regularly take packages when there not home. I don’t mind this, because I also would love it when they do that for me! 🙂 But recently I received a very heavy packages and when they came to pick it up I received a little gift. So sweet, especially because the cactus is with pink and the scents candle smells so good!

I shortly visited my mum and in the afternoon we had lunch. And they have there a way to good home made ice tea with fresh fruit in, mmm it is so good!

I needed to clean my closet very urgent! Yes, real life. But after a good cleaning session it looked like on the right side. And luckily it still looks that clean! 😉

I didn’t have much food at home… But I had enough to make a veggie pasta! And I just love pasta! 😉

Saturday I had a photoshoot with a horse. The theme was something Injun. So I searched for the perfect outfits in my closet. It was a cool shoot and I love horses, so soon I will share some photos on my instagram!

After the shoot I toke a good shower and after that my boyfriend made this delicious salad for me! Mmm, I could eat another plate from this right now! 😉

This week I’ve got an excited week… Because I’m going to tomorrowland! Yaay, I’m so curios! And do you have special plans for this week?

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!