My first experience with airbnb

I love to travel but traveling is so pricey… So there from I love to go on a budget trip. So low cost flying but a hotel is always also a bit pricey… So I thought maybe I should try out airbnb. I heard already a lot about this concept. Airbnb is like an online marketplace where everybody from all over the world can place there apartment or home for rent. You can give in where you wanna go and then some nice places will appear. You can choose how expensive or budget proof you wanna go. A budget thing is something that you choose for yourself but with airbnb you can save a bit of money. And with that money you can do an activity or just save it for your next trip. Because airbnb is for sure a more budget proof solution that a hotel. But is this worth it or did I though that I wanna pay more for a hotel?

So I chose to book an apartment during my trip to Budapest. The location from it was just perfect. I could discover Budapest all by foot. When we arrived in Budapest we could check in from 15h. From then on was the apartment all cleaned and the key was inside this little safe. The safe was confirmed to the door and you only need to insert the code that I received a few days before my trip. It’s an easy system, because with checking out you also must leave the key there. This is extremely handy if you have an early of late flight.

We entered in a typical old Budapest building.

The apartment was on the ground floor. But before we could enter it we needed to walk over a uncovered area. Like it said this was real typical building for Budapest! And I loved it!

When we entered the apartment we saw this. So downstairs we had a refrigerator, a little kitchen, a sitting area, shower and the toilet. It’s not as big as it looked on the pics that I saw. But for 2 persons is this for sure ok !

When I opened the door all in the back there was a small bathroom. Here was a shower, toilet and a washbasin. It was a small room and the shower was a bit broken. When you where showing the water just landed everywhere so in no time whole the bathroom was filled with water. But luckily there where towels and enough! This is for sure a good thing! Because if you fly with only hand luggage then a towel directly always takes much space.

When you leave the bathroom you got this view. So let’s take the special stairs so that I can show you what was above.

Above is this the first thing I saw, a rack to hang clothing on and a table with some fake flowers on. Not reallly my style but when I’m asleep I can’t see it. 😉

And when you turn around you see the last part. The beds! These onces were basic but for sure ok for a few nights. And this was the apartment not so big but it was for sure cozy. The only thing that I missed where towel to dry the washing up. But for the rest was everything like cutlery, dishes,… there. For a short trip was this apartment just perfect! It’s of course not as luxury as a hotel room. But that’s for sure not a problem for me! So I’m pretty sure that I’m going to book more often on airbnb. Another benefit about this is that you can make it as cheap or expensive or basic or with more luxury as you want.

So my first experience with airbnb is for sure positive and also not my last one! If you are interested in where I stayed in Budapest, this apartment was located very central and they describe this as a “cozy home on the main avenue.”

I paid for 4 days and 3 nights for 2 persons €86,50. It was €23,28 a night and €5,29 for cleaning costs and €11,38 service fee for airbnb. And this is for sure not much. Because when I would book a hotel I would pay around €145 till €300 for the 3 nights for the period I was there.

Lots of love xxx

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