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Mudmasky: leave-me-on spring mask

When I found this leave-me-on spring mask in my goodiebox I was a little surprised. Because a mask that you apply in the morning and leave on the whole day? This sounded for me more like an extra day cream. To be honest I didn’t get the point of a leave-on mask. But however because I like the brand mudmasky, I was happy with this product. This ‘spring mask’ must be perfect during the season change because then we go from thick rich cream to fresh light hydration. This mask must help the skin with the season change and protect it against UV beams. Curious what my thoughts are about this mask? And how good this product works during the season change? Then keep on reading!

This leave me on spring mask is especially for the chance of seasons from winter to spring. It contains spf 10, so this ‘mask’ will protect you against the first sun rays.

How to use:

Bring on a thin layer from this light cream and let this stay on the whole day. In the beginning, it was a bit searching what was the perfect amount of product. So don’t take too much from this product. Because when you apply too much you get stranger ‘rolls’ on your skin, and you don’t what that.

Because this mask is very light it feels very pleasant on the skin. It has a subtle smell, hard to describe because you smell it somewhere in the back. This product is so easy to apply. Because this is a ‘mask’ that stays on your skin the whole day, I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t get absorbed into my skin. But no need to worry because after 5 minutes this mask is fully absorbed into my skin. And after those minutes my skin feels so soft and looks good. Because this product feels so light I completely get it why it is perfect for the chance of seasons. I find this an amazing product! Normally during the chance of seasons, my skin feels a bit drier, but luckily this year this was not the case thank too this product! My skin just felt and looked good!


This leave me on mask completely convinced me! It is for sure an amazing product to use during the chance of seasons. It feels very light, absorbs well into the skin and after a few minutes, I have the feeling that it is completely absorbed into the skin. But you must pay attention that you don’t bring on too much from this product. But all with all I really love this product!

I’m going to empty this mask for sure and I will remember it for next year during the change from winter to spring.

Price: mudmasky leave-me-on spring mask cost €39 for 40ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.

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