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Most popular lush product ever: Scrubee?

Over the lush product scrubee I only saw positive and exciting reviews. And after so many positive reviews I just needed to try this product. So last time when I was in lush, I directly bought this product. But that was in April… So shame on me but this good product laid in my stash way to long unused. But recently I finally tried out scrubee. So are you curious or that I’m also a fan from scrubee?
But from where this sudden popularity from scrubee? This came because the lush website was full with 5-stars review. Even a scrubee # because so popular because they wanted scrubee forever in the store. And lush listed to all the scrubee lovers because there where so many fans!
But what is scrubee? I will tell this short, because I used scrubee the first time wrong.. Fail… But I thought that you could use scrubee also as a massage bar. It’s possible but it’s not the intention from this product. The intention from scrubee is to use it as a scrub under the douche. But it’s not only a scrub it’s a scrub and body lotion in one. Scrubee is made out of smoothing and nurturing cocoa butter, moisturizing shea butter, ground almonds for exfoliation and much more good ingredients.

Does scrubee really works that good?

Directly when you use scrubee under the shower you feel the lovely butter melting. When you use scrubee you will smell the heavenly good smell of it! And just wow, the smell is just amazing, sweet and cheerful. Thanks to the butter that are melting you are not only giving your skin a good scrub session but you also hydrates your skin. It’s a firm but good scrub. So because of the butter in this you don’t have to use body lotion after your shower. And after my shower my skin felt good, soft and smooth. The butter leaves a film over the skin but not a greasy film. Scrubee also lays very good in the hand and thanks to that you can easy scrubee every place. So I get it why there are so many scrubee lovers! Scrubee is just an amazing treat for your skin!


Yes, scrubee also has me convinced! It is a lovely and easy product that smells way too good! And it also hydrates my skin. So after my shower I don’t have to use a body lotion. I would say just try out scrubee, because you won’t regret it! It’s just an amazing product! But there is one thing that I don’t like about scrubee… And that is that I have the feeling that scrubee will be soon gone. I think if you use srubee once a week you can use it for max 1 till 2 months. Ok, this is for sure not bad but keep this in mind. But despite that I’m pretty sure that I will buy scrubee again!
Scrubee from lush cost €10,95 for around 100 gram.

Lots of love xxx

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