Mon guerlain // eau de parfum

Perfume is something personal. You love that one smell or you hate it. And guerlain keep that in mind and create perfume for each type of woman. Guerlain loves the beauty of woman. And this perfume is created with a modern and strong woman in mind. There from is Angelina Jolie the model for this campaign! She is a woman to admire! When she first smelled this perfume she said directly this is my smell! But do I follow her opinion and is this also my guerlain scent?


This is a pretty, stylish and female bottle. I love such a perfume bottles! It’s looks for sure modern and strong!

The notes:

Top: lavender & bergamot

Heart: jasmine, rose & iris

Base: patchouli, vanilla, licorice, benzoin, sandalwood & cularine

How is mon guerlain?

Mon guerlain is in the beginning very sweet, the vanilla scent is for sure present. After a few moments is the scent devolved till a beautiful soft and lovely smell. Somewhere in the background is the combination from vanilla with the jasmine and lavender. This is such a good combination! When the scent is getting weaker you get a warmer smell from the sadelwood. This is for sure a beautiful and female scent! I’m also sure that mon guerlain is a stayer! For me is this perfume an absolute favorite! The scent know how to surprise you during the day! So yes, like Angelina said I can also tell you that this is my smell! You need to try this perfume for sure in the perfumery and who know is this also your guerlain scent!

The mon guerlain from guerlain cost around €57.90 for 30ml, €80.90 for 50ml and €113.90 for 100ml.

Lots of love xxx

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