September favorites

A long time ago I sometimes shared a YouTube video with my random favorites. So my favorite beauty products, favorite outfit, lifestyle item,… from that month. I don’t think that you will remember those video’s, because I made them in Dutch. 😉 And this time I thought I do it as an article. So I hope you love this idea because then I can do it each month. For now it’s a bit a little try out to see which favorite items you love to see. So here is my first September favorites article.

Favorite beauty product

Rituals eau de parfum – poème d’azar

This was a surprise for me because it’s a perfume from rituals. And it’s surprising because I got it from my mother because she found it a little too sweet for her. But I just love sweet perfumes, and this one just smells amazing! Love it!
Favorite series

Only murders in the building

“Three strangers who share an obsession with true crime suddenly find themselves caught up in one.”

To be honest, lately I don’t watch a lot of series… So when I binge watch one, then it means that there is something good with it. I saw a lot about this series with Selena Gomez. And I find it a nice, exciting series with some humor in it. The episode aren’t too long, around 30min. And I find this perfect to watch an episode during cooking, ironing,… I can for sure recommend this series if your are looking for a funny, nice series with some humor in it. Can’t wait for the final episode! 😉

Favorite book(s)

Lara & untamed

Lara is a Dutch book about a power woman. It’s a beautiful but very touching story… I’m sure that Lara is now the brightest star!

Untamed is the book that changed Adele her life. And of course that was why I needed to read this book. I can for sure recommend every woman to read this book! Personally gave this book a lot of insight and now I’m listing more to my inner voice. Do not doubt and just read this book! 😉

Favorite food

Waffle Roger van Damme & vegan salad

On an awesome event I had the pleasure to eat a lovely waffle made by Roger van Damme (désiree). And just wow, for that waffle you can wake me up at night. 😉 And the vegan salad from Albert hen with mango and nuts, was something I normally wouldn’t choose. But I gave it a chance and the combination from the crunchy nuts, the sweet mango and the light spicy sriracha dressing was perfect.

Favorite day
Meet ‘n treat from Edgar & Cooper 
 I had a lot of amazing moments but the meet ‘n treat from Edgar & Cooper was by fare my favorite day! An event with my dog, cami? Yes, just loved that! The location was also very special and the activities where so much fun. Cami even made a little artwork with here paws. Also the lovely picknick with cami made this day unforgettable. I can’t wait for the next meet ‘n treat! 😜
Favorite purchase 
Without any doubt the MacBook I needed to buy for my education, now that I’m going back to school. And I’m going to be honest…. I didn’t had any plans to buy a new pc and especially not a MacBook. Buuuut because this pc was a requirement for my lesson, I saved and now I am a proud owner. And yes, it’s an amazing pc, so despite all I’m so so happy with this  purchase. 🙂

This where my favorite from September, as I said it’s a bit a try out to see with favorite you love to see. So I hope you like this kind of articles! 🙂