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Maybelline: total temptation mascara’s

There is one make-up product that I can’t live without… Namely mascara! Mascara chances so much and can let you look a bit more awake. 😉 I already tried out a lot of mascaras but till now my ultimate favorite is the essence mascara lash princesss. But I’m still trying out other mascaras to maybe find a better one… And this time I tried out some mascaras from maybelline from their popular total temptation line. Maybelline also knew that this mascara is popular , they already had a black and waterproof mascara… And now they added a brown one to their total temptation collection! So time to tell you everything about these 3 mascaras!

Total temptation?

The mascaras promise to give you build on bold volume. In these mascaras you find ingredients like coconut butter, and when you apply the mascara you smell this for sure. Only the brown mascara smells totally different it’s a more chocolate/cocoa smell. But I find these mascara a bit wet and they apply a bit sticky. So if you want that bold volume that you can build on then you have to wait, because otherwise you eyelashes with look like spider lashes. The brush from the mascara is a good one that is easy to use.

This mascara comes in 3 different variants

Total temptation black mascara: this is the classic mascara as we know it, the typical black variant.

Total temptation waterproof: this one is perfect for when you love to swim, sport or just need a waterproof mascara.

Total temptation deep cocoa: in my eyes is this for sure the perfect brown mascara! And brown mascara can look very beautiful and is a bit more subtle than the black variant.

All the 3 the mascaras almost work the same. They all have the same brush and almost same formula. The only difference is that you have a black mascara, a brown and waterproof one.

This is the result with the brown mascara. If you compare it with the black one then you see for sure that this one is less hard and more subtle.

And here I’m wearing the normal black mascara. To be honest I don’t see that bold volume where maybelline is talking about… I only see that my lashes look long and pretty but I don’t find this mascara giving them that wow effect. And you also need to be very careful because the mascara is very wet.

As you can see on this full face photo makes this mascara my lashes look longer. The result looks good and natural.


All with all are these mascaras for sure ok. But they don’t give that bold volume that they promise. But they let my lashes look long and pretty. But like I said before I miss the wow effect. Also are these mascara very wet and that is not so handy to apply these. So to be honest are these mascara not really my favorites… Except the brown one. The brown mascara is also wet but I can live with that because finding a brown mascara is hard. So the brown total temptation mascara is for sure ok!

The maybelline total temptation mascaras cost €14,99.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.