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Maybelline: made for all

A lipstick that would look good on everyone? Mmm, that is difficult because there are so many skin and under tones. But maybelline thought different about this topic… Nothing is impossible is what maybelline thought, because since recent they have a new line on the market. The made for all. The name from this collection says a lot, because these lipsticks are made for all and they must look beautiful on everyone. In the collection there are 6 color, 5 glossy and 1 matte one. So now you never have to hesitate or the color fits your skin tone, because these 6 color must look beautiful one everyone. But it this the case?






From left to right: red for me, plum for me, ruby for me, fuchsia for me, pink for me & mauve for me.


When I first tried these lipsticks out it didn’t was too excited about them… But I get the concept and I think that these can work for almost everyone. I say almost everyone because I’m sure that there are exception, but a lot of people will look amazing with these made of all lipsticks! The quality is good, there are easy to apply and the pigmentation is good. But they don’t stay long on the lips, directly when you eat a snack or drink something you need to reapply the lipstick. The colors from this collection are very basic, not special but they are perfect for everyday! So perfect for everyday and you don’t need to worry or the color matches your skin tone because it will match and look good! But for a long time I didn’t use these lipsticks. But since recent I’m using these more often and now I’m more fan from these then before! Yes, this concept works! So these 6 colors looks good on my skin tone and the chance is big they will also look stunning on your lips matching your skin! I was sceptical at first, but now I love what maybelline did and I’m sure that I will use these amazing lipsticks more often!

Price: the made for all lipsticks from maybelline are €12,99 each.

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