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Magnum secret dinner

Last week I was invited for the event from the year! The magnum secret dinner! Whaa, it’s so cool that I got invited for such an amazing event! In the past I already went to the magnum mansion and the first secret dinner. And woow, this was so spectacular and a real experience. And last week it was time for part two. It was all about never stop playing. This is the campaign from the delicious white magnum with cookies, mmm it’s so good! But now back to the event because I will tell and show you a bit more about the secret dinner…

Just as last time the location was just perfect! And for the dinner part my boyfriend and I did the same thing as last year. I’m veggie and he isn’t. So he gets the meat from my plate and I get some extra veggies. 😉

This was the first think we get, it really looked like an artwork. It was some kind of crab with a mousse from avocado. So the crab was for my boyfriend and the mousse for me. 😉

Then we got a dish that was fully veggie *yay*, and it was so good! This was the best risotto ever, it was with green asparagus and mushrooms.

I forgot to make a picture from the main course…. But here is one from the dessert! This was the white magnum with cookies with some kind of cake and a red sauce and meringue. The perfect end from this amazing evening!

After the dinner it was time for a coffee or tea. It was a real experience. Thank you so much magnum for this wonderful evening! <3

Lots of love xxx

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