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Lush: H’suan wen hua hair mask

After that I emptied the famous hair mask from coco en eve it was time to look for anther one, that maybe would be better but mainly better from price. During my search I was in Antwerp… And one of my favorite stores is located in Antwerp… namely Lush. So I brought a short visit to see what kind of hair masks they had, and that’s how I found this h’suan wen hua hair mask. I directly was curious because I never tried a lush hair mask before…

H’suan wen hua hair mask

As the packing says; this almost unspeakable god of the hair must help to improve the structure, the mask contains moisturizing avocado and balsamic vinegar for extra shine. Expect this all it also must calm your scalp (watercress) and stimulate (bay leaf) and  makes your hair strong again (banana). And… the best from all in this mask you also find cinnamon leaf oil and this helps for a healthy hair grow.

This mask must be ideal for split ends but also for your scalp must this mask do a lot! So you can not only bring this mask on your lengths but also on your scalp. You can bring it on, on dry hair and let it do his work for 20 minutes. After this you can rinse your hair and wash it like you normally do with shampoo and you can also use a conditioner (like retread) if you want.

The mask itself has a lovely, creamy structure and is easy to apply. I always bring it on, on dry hair and on my lengths and scalp. Personally I find this mask smelling a bit weird. It’s a case from you love the smell or you hate it, and I don’t like this smell… But maybe you like the smell more than I do… But the mask works fantastic! It makes my hair so soft and let it look fantastic! Bye bye fluffy hair and hello beautiful healthy looking hair! Yes, this hair mask works so much better than the (expensive) coco & eve mask! Yes, lush once again you surprised me with this amazing product!


Yes, this hair mask is a fantastic product! I only can recommend this one! It does a lot for my hair and scalp! Only I find the smell from this mask not that good… But like I said before, maybe you like it more than I do! 😉 Another thing that I find a bit less about this mask is the expiration date. So keep in mind that this mask has an expiration date. But I find these two ‘disadvantage’ not that awful. Because an expiration date is also a good think because then you know that it’s full with fresh ingredients.

I just looked on the lush site for the price from this mask… And I came till the conclusion that they changed the formula from this hair mask. So I probably bought one of the last ‘old’ hair masks before it got changed to the new formula. So I will tell you what they changed. And the only difference is that the old one contains egg and the new one contains aquafaba (cooking water from chickpeas) instead of the egg. So not much changed for the ingredients but this price… Yes that changed a lot… The price from the old mask was €13,95 for 225 gram. And the price for the new formula is €21,95 for 225 gram. So unfortunately is this not a good budget option for the coco & eve hair mask! Despite that I tested out the ‘old’ fomula, I still wanted to publish this review. Because I read that the new formula works almost the same, and you never know maybe lush will bring the ‘old’ formula back.

Lots of love xxx

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