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L’oreal sugar scrubs

After I emptied my well loved face scrub from the body shop it was time to try out a new face scrub. And I was lucky because at home I had two scrubs that I could try out. Namely the sugar scrubs from l’oreal. I have the glow and clear scrub. They looked so good and promising, so I couldn’t wait to try these out! So are you curious what I find from these sugar scrubs? Then keep on reading!

Smooth sugar clear scrub

This scrub must cleanse the skin, remove blackheads and makes the skin smoother. This scrub contains ingredients like:

Kiwi seeds: helps to make the skin smoother

Peppermint oil: helps to reduce impurities

Lemongrass oil: helps to cleanse the skin

Sounds like the perfect scrub when you have pimples or other impurities. You may use this scrub on your face but also on your lips and this till 3 times a week.

This is a cleansing scrub and it just looked like a ‘real’ kiwi. This scrub smells fresh and fruity and feels so good on the skin. It’s a soft scrub that also works perfect for to scrub my lips! It makes my skin and lips soft. And… after I used it my skin looks better and cleaner. It’s for sure a good scrub when you have a combination or oily skin.

Smooth sugar glow scrub

The glow scrub must refines the skin and give it a beautiful glow. This one is perfect for each skin type that wants a pretty glow! This glow scrub contains:

Grape seed oil with vitamin e: helps to clarify the skin

Monoi oil: helps to protect the skin against dullness

Acai powder: makes the skin surface on a soft way smooth

Just as the clear scrub you may use this one till 3 time a week and also on your skin and lips.

This scrub is totally different from structure, much faster. And the scrub also looks orange. Personally I don’t like the smell from this scrub, it also don’t like the feeling from this on my lips. Buuuut… It’s a more ‘stronger’ scrub that is mild for the skin, and it makes my skin soft. And let it look good with a pretty, subtle glow! My skin looks healthy after I used this scrub. So despite that I’m not a fan from the smell from this scrubs it does what it promises!

As you can see left is the glow scrub much faster than on the right the clear scrub this one is more jelly.


Despite that I’m not a huge fan from the smell from the glow scrub I love how they both work! They feel good on the skin and do what they promise to do! But personally I prefer especially during the summer the kiwi scrub, because this one is more jelly and has a more summer smell. But the glow scrub also works good! I’m for sure fan from these sugar scrubs from l’oreal. I use these once till twice a week.

Price: the scrubs cost €10,99 each and are available at the drugstore and online.

Lots of love xxx

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