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L’oreal: rouge signature matte color ink

I really love a pretty color on my lips. Especially a beautiful red mat lip tint! I think I only wear mat lip colors because I love the looks from this so much. Only… Not all the mat lip colors are sweet for your lips. You got ones that work fantastic and then you got the ones that just are not it and dry out your lips. So finding a good matte lipstick can sometimes be a real challenge… Especially because there is so my choose also in the colors. And as you maybe know I am an frequent red lipstick wearer so I got a love of them! But nowadays I also try to chance my routine and sometimes I wear another color then red. 😉 But I don’t have a lot of other colors… Until L’oreal send me a package with 4 pretty signature matte color ink inside it. Ok, I got 2 red colors but also 2 total different ones… Curious what I find from these lipsticks? And how the colors look? Then keep on reading! 🙂

Rouge signature

This collection is their to let your lips make a statement! These lip products must feel light on the lips and must have an amazing pigmentation. They are on an oil and water base, so that your lips still can breathe when you wear a lip color. You got 12 different colors from classic red till nude till playful pink till… The names from each color are also unique and I love it! Think about names like: I empower, I am worth it, I rebel,…With such a cool names l’oreal is making a statement for sure, so depending from you mood you can choose the perfect color. So let’s take a look to the 4 colors I have…

105 – I rule

Let’s make a statement with the first color, I rule. Because unexpected I’m obsessed with this color! When I first applied it on my lips I was in love! It’s a colder tone, old pink color. The perfect ‘upgraded’ everyday color.

115 – I am worth it

This is a classic beautiful deep red color.

116 – I explore

This color is more out of my comfort zone, because I barley wear brown colors on my lips. But I will give ‘I explore’ a chance. Because it’s a pretty nude brown color but I think this one would be perfect if you are more tinted than me! 😉

113 – I don’t

I don’t is a more bright red color with a touch of orange in it. This is the perfect color to make a statement. Also for a special occasion or a party is this the perfect red color!

From left to right: I rule, I don’t, I explore, I am worth it.


Now that you saw the 4 colors it’s time for something else important or better the most important… The quality. So let’s start with the beginning. I’m fan from the packing! Just a classic and handy packing because you can directly see the color from the product. And the applicator from this is amazing! It works fantastic and it just slide over the lips like butter! I only needed 1 coat because the pigmentation is also fantastic! And the best part… These indeed feel very light on the lips. Every time when I wear these I forget it until I watch in the mirror, then I think ‘hey, this lipcolor is just amazing’. 😉 And these are mat lipstick but they don’t dry out your lips! Ok, this sounds really like the perfect mat lipstick doesn’t it? But the last think… How long does it stay on the lips… Yes also with that l’oreal surprised me. I applied the lipstick in the afternoon and I drunk lots of water, I had lunch and dinner and after that I went to the cinema. So cinema means lots of popcorn and also a drink. And after the movie my lipstick still was on my lips, and looked pretty. Of course not perfect, but I still looked good. So yes it stays good on the lips!

Yeeees, L’oreal you made me crazy about these mat lipsticks! The colors are amazing just as the quality! I showed you 4 colors but in total there are 12. So choose enough! I find this for sure a good add to the make-up assortment from l’oreal! The price from these lip products maybe is a bit high for some of you, I understand! But I can say that the price is for sure correct! Because you can use a lipstick a long time and the quality is just am-az-ing!

Price: the l’oreal rouge signature matte color ink are available online or at the drugstore and the price is €14,99.

Lots of love xxx

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