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L’oreal Paris: la palette gold

Some time ago someone gave me a present. It was something cool I got 4 must have products for L’oreal Paris. Oh, and of course I was so happy with this, and I couldn’t wait to try out the eyeshadow palette that was inside. The palette is the ‘la palette gold’ and in the packing it really looked like a real beauty! But is this palette a real beauty? Because it was one of the must have products. So this had to be a good palette? Or not?

I already can tell you that I’m so happy with this beautiful packing! It’s a pretty black palette with golden letters on. When you open the palette you see the mirror, a good brush and  10 stunning shimmering colors! From soft nude colors till special once till the darker once. It looks like a palette that you can use for everything. From a nude everyday look till a smokey eye till a special festival look. So you can understand that I was pretty excited to play with this palette….

But when I made the swatches I directly chanced my mind… The pigmentation was so bad and the colors gave so much fall out also is it hard to build up the pigmentation with this. But now you’re maybe thinking a good basis is the perfect solution for that problem. Yes and no, the pigmentation is a bit better but it doesn’t look like in the packing. Also the quality from the eyeshadows are not that good. I got too much fall-out and they also don’t blend that well and that the pigmentation…. Meeh, a really bummer. Because it really looked like the perfect palette to play with! But when you make an eyelook with it, you barely can see something from it. And that isn’t something you want, because for such a result you don’t wanna wast your blending time 😉 . It’s a beautiful palette in the packing. But for an eyelook is the beauty hard to find. I don’t like this palette that much, I also don’t get it why they wanna put this palette in a gift must have packing! L’oreal Paris has so many better palettes than this… But good, if you are looking for a palette that gives you fall-out and doesn’t have that much pigmentation, than is this the perfect palette for you… Or maybe you just wanna try this out, and maybe it works better for you. 🙂

L’oreal Paris, la palette gold cost €14,95 and is available online and in the drugstore.

Lots of love xxx

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