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L’oréal Paris: bambi eye mascara & signature liner

Some time ago L’oréal Paris launched the bambi eye mascara, to give you the same wide big look al bambi. Sound like the perfect mascara! But to make your bambi eye look you also need an eyeliner. And they also thought about that, because now they have the matte signature liner. So this time I will tell you all about these two products where you can create a fairy tale look with! 😉

Matte signature liner – €13,99

Let’s start with the matte signature eyeliner. This one is available in 6 different colors: black, blue, brown, green, grey and copper. I tested out the black one. I really love the packing from this product, it looks luxurious. And as you can see looks the gold grip a bit special with a pattern in it, this is to make it easier to hold it. And it works because this one is easy to make a line with. Especially because it’s a liquid eyeliner with a small felting point.

This is for sure one of the best eyeliners I ever tried! The small tip makes is so easy to make fine lines. The eyeliner is also intense from color and mat. So if you are looking for a good, easy eyeliner that is intense from color? Yeees, then is this the one that you are looking for! And extra plus point for the handy grip and the pretty packing!

Bambi-eye false lash – €16,99

Now it’s time to tell you everything about the bambi-eye mascara. Because does this one really gives you a fairy tale bambi eye look? The packing from this is nice, but personally I find that the eyeliner looks more ‘luxurious’. But this are just details. 😉 The mascara has a bulge brush made from silicone hairs and this one must be clump-free.

I find it a nice brush that is easy to apply the mascara with, and it indeed is clump-free. But I need a few layers from this mascara, if I want the result that you see below. But then you got something, of course. Because my lashes look much longer! It doesn’t give volume but it gives for sure much length! This is a nice mascara that I will use with much pleasure. But if it really gives me the bambi eye look? Yeah, that is something you may decide. But like it said it’s for sure a good mascara to give my lashes extra length!

Above you see the swatches from the eyeliner and mascara. As you can see is the eyeliner intense and gives the mascara my lashes much length!


The eyeliner is my favorite from these two! This one looks so luxurious, is easy to apply and is intense. Yeps, I will definitely buy this eyeliner again! The mascara is also quite nice and gives length. But I’m not so sure if I wanna buy this one again. But for now I use this one with so much pleasure.

These products are available at the drugstore and online.