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L’oreal: les macarons

A new dessert made for your lips is the ‘les macarons’ collection by l’oreal. In this collection you find 8 different long lasting, ultra matte lipsticks that are inspired by the delicious and cute macarons. They must feel the whole day comfortable and must be water & transfer proof. You wanna set your lips in these lipsticks… Because these also smell like the macaron on which they are inspired.

822: mon caramel

This is a cold special brown color.

828: framboise frenzy

Framboise frenzy is a real eye catcher color, a bright pink raspberry color.

830: blackcurrant crush

With this color we are going to the dark side, it’s a more deep plum color.

832: strawberry sauvage

This is a lovely bright red color.

834: infinite spice

This red brown color does me think about brick. Maybe a weird comparison but this one is a very special color.

838: berry cherie

This is a lovely, cold fuchsia color.

From left to right:

822: mon caramel, 838: berry cherie, 834: infinite spice, 832: strawberry sauvage, 828: framboise frenzy, 830: blackcurrant crush.


All these colors have another lovely macaron smell, and this really gives the lipstick another experience! These colors are special and notable, but they indeed does me think about macarons. I find this for sure a nice collection and I’m enthusiast about it! Nice colors and the smells are also unique… and the quality is also good! The pigmentation from these lipstick is amazing! After I applied these they feel a bit stick for some time. And these are long lasting if you don’t eat and drink too much. They are ok but after a meal you need to reapply your lipstick. But this is the case with most lipsticks, so the quality is for sure good! My personal favorite colors are: framboise frenzy & berry cherie. This is for sure a sweet collection that luckily suit me better than the chocolate line! 🙂

Price: the l’oreal les macarons ultra matte liquid lipstick are available in 8 different colors and the price is €14,99.

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