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L’oreal: les chocolats liquid lipsticks

Some time ago I received a package from L’oreal for galentine’s day, the day before valentine’s day to celebrate girls. It was a huge package because I could share the content of it with my lovely mother! So cool, because this was also my first package from l’oreal ever. So I was excited, mainly because I found so many cool products in the box. So be prepared for some reviews! Because soon I’m going to tell you all about the eyeshadow, sugar scrubs, hair steam mask & the mascaras! So this is a bit a sneak peek what you can expect soon on my blog! 😉 But for now I’m going to review the chocolats liquid lipsticks. I have these in two colors and the name chocolats suits these perfectly. And not because of the colors but because of something else…

And that something else… That is that these liquid lipsticks just smell like chocolate, mmm it smells so good! You really smell chocolate so it’s not a chemical smell, but more a lovely chocolate smell! So l’oreal gets for this bonus points because this is a special but nice experience. But that was all the good I can tell you about these lipsticks. Because for the rest I’m not that enthusiastic about it. Because after a few hours the lipstick looks so weird in the lips… And it also made my lips very dry… You also feel the lipstick on your lips, it’s a sticky feeling. I normally don’t have dry lips but this product really makes my lips so dry. Even when I hydrate them before apply the lipstick with a oil. So the chocolate idea is so cool but the quality is not that amazing…

842 Candy man

Is a very special color. It looks a bit like an old pink color with some brown through it. It’s a special and pretty color!

852 Box of chocolates

I don’t think that this color is something for me. But I’m sure that others will look amazing with this brown color with a bit of pink through it.


The idea was amazing and the chocolate smell is the best thing about these lipsticks. Because for the rest they are not that good… The lipsticks feel sticky on the lips, it makes my lips dry and after some time it looks weird on the lips. So despite that I find candy man a cool and special color, I don’t think that I will use these again…

But are you a real chocolate lover or you just wanna try these out? Because you never know or you find these much better than I did! So you find them in the drugstore for €14,99 each.

Lots of love xxx

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  • Deb

    Wat leuk dat ze naar chocolade ruiken. Qua kleur is Candy Man (leuke naam ook) mijn favoriet. Jammer dat ze niet heel comfortabel aanvoelen.

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