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L’oreal: elseve huile extraordinary hair oil

I just started with my second packing from this special oil in cream, so this looked like the perfect moment for a review. Because this is a hair product that must take care of your hair in cream form. So it’s actually some kind of leave-in conditioner. This oil-in-cream must take good care of your hair without making it greasy. So time to tell you all about it!

First of all I really love this packaging from this product. The smell of it is like the typical smell from the elseve products. I personally love it. The cream itself feels light and is easy to apply. But watch out that you don’t take too much, because you only just need a little. You can use this oil-in-cream in 4 different ways:

Dry hair: as finishing touch for beautiful shiny hair.

Damp hair: for a beautiful finish & healthy soft hair.

Before brushing: on the ends as protection.

Wet hair: bring it on as a conditioner, after a few minutes you can rinse it out.

You can use this cream for a lot, as a conditioner or when your hair needs some extra care. To be honest I did not yet try this one as a conditioner. I mostly use it as a leave-in cream.

Most of the time I use it on damp hair but for this, before and after the photo I applied it on dry hair. Left is without and right is when I used this cream. The cream dries quickly and you can directly see some difference, my hair looks better and healthier. And it also has a pretty shine. If you want you can use this cream every day. But personally, I only use it after washing my hair and when I noticed that my hair needs so extra care. But if your hair needs it, you can for sure use it every day. I love this cream because it let my hair look better and healthier. Good to know this hair oil is suitable for every hair types.


I really love this hair product that you can use as a conditioner and caring cream. It also works very well for frizzy hair. When you use it as a leave-in-cream but sure to just use a small amount. So it’s also very economical in use. And… Yes, this is not everything… Because this product is also budget proof! Scooooore! 😉

Price: L’oréal Paris Elsève huile extraordinary oil contains 150ml and cost €6,99.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.