Let’s shimmer with L’oréal mythic oil

Especially for New Year I’ve got some reviews about shimmer/glitter/glow products unto my planning to get that lovely glowy look with NYE! So that we can start the new year all sparkling! I choose a few products that looks to me worth to write a review about. One of these products is from the well known mythic oil line from l’oreal, it’s a shimmering oil for your body and hair!

Let’s shimmer…

I find the packing so perfect! It’s a stylish glass bottle. The oil itself is a caring oil for the skin and hair with pretty golden glitters in. This is more a product to use in the summer, but of course is this one perfect for special occasions in the winter like New Year!

How to apply this oil?

You just need to spray this onto your body or hair. It’s that easy! It is a handy system that works perfect! But you have to spray it onto to you from a 15 cm distance. Oh, and don’t use too much from this because it is still an oil. And this can leave a greasy film…

The shimmering oil on your hair

Like her happened… I spayed this on my hair with enough distance2 times on the right side. Doesn’t looks so good does it… My hair looks so greasy. Meeh, this wasn’t what I expected. I also tried it on my other side with even more distance and with 1 spray and the result was just the same. So I directly needed to wash my hair after testing this oil. This is so regrettably because I really love the normal mythic oil in my hair. But this shimmer oil gives not the result what it must give…

The shimmering oil on your body

But luckily it works much better on my body! It is hard to photography all the glitter onto my skin because these are very subtle! They give a very subtle but beautiful, healthy glow on your skin. As you can see below my skin looks so glowy, love it! So this product is 1000 times better on my skin that in my hair! It’s just perfect to let your skin shine! And it also takes care of your skin! Just perfect!


For it the hair is this oil a big nooo! But for your body is this a big hell to the yes! Of course is this oil more ideal for the summer. But if you were a dress with NYE you can perfectly use this for your legs. It gives your skin a beautiful and healthy glow. I’m going to use this spray so much this summer for my arms or legs! It’s just perfect to let your skin steel the show!

The shimmering oil from l’oréal mythic oil contains 100ml and this price is around €29,99 by the hairdressers. But after some searching I found this oil a lot cheaper online with prizes from €13 till €19.

Lots of love xxx

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