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Les couleurs de noir | makeup review

Some time ago I went to an event and their I got introduced to the brand ‘les couleurs de noir’. This is a make-up brand that is only sold online and at the pharmacies. I tested out the mascara, eyeshadow palette and an eyebrow and lip product. Curious what I find from these products?

F-oxy mascara – €21,30

Let’s start with the mascara. This mascara promises to help you eyelashes growing faster and longer. The mascara self must give your eyelashes more volume, length and curl. The brush from it is not special, just a regular one.

Ok, I’m not a fan from this mascara… First of all is the price from it high. And as you maybe know I love to try out budget mascara’s from essence, and I find those onces much and much better. I’m just not a fan from this mascara from les couleurs de noir, because it’s hard to bring it on. And after 1 coat I only see a bit length that’s it. And when I use more coats from the mascara it’s getting a mess. So no, this mascara is not what I expected. Normally I use a mascara for 3 months. But after less than 1 month I already thrown away this one…

This is the result after 1 coat. Not bad, but is a disaster to bring this mascara on….

Soft touch e/s quattro – subtle nude – €34,70

This eyeshadow palette must be perfect for a nude everyday and evening look. The soft touch formula is also perfect for sensitive eyes and people who wear lenses.

Luckily is the eyeshadow palette a bit better… But just a bit because there is also a negative thing about it. But let’s start with the positive! 🙂 It’s for sure a beautiful palette with the right colors for an everyday and evening look. The palette comes in a pretty and firm packing. You can easy take it with you and a big advantage… the handy mirror in here. The colors are the perfect brown shades. And this is the nude day look I made with this palette:

As you can see it looks ok. The pigmentation is not fantastic and you also got fall-out… And when I saw the price from this palette, I was shocked. I thought price quality that it was around €20 – €25 but not €35… So the price is a bit higher than I expected…

Stylo sourcils wr – light brown- €14,30

This must give you quick and easy on fleek eyebrows.

This eyebrow product has an easy pen and at the back you find a handy brush to blend the product in.

This is a good and quick brow product, the color is right for me and it’s so easy to use! But sadly the pen is a bit to creamy so it breaks easy… So that is something you have to keep in mind and you have to be very careful with this one for sure! But if you are careful then it’s a fantastic product that give you on fleek eyebrows!

Le stylo rouge – color 05 – €19,90

This lipstick must make your lips soft, protect and hydrates them.

About this lipstick I’m luckily positive! It comes in a pretty and handy packing and the lipstick self brings on very easy. The pigmentation is good and you can easy build it up. It’s a beautiful glossy red color.

It makes my lips soft and also hydrates them. Only this lipstick can’t survive a drink or meal. But you can easy take it with you and touch it up. So all with all is this a good product in the perfect red color!

All the swatches from left to right: lipstick, eyebrow pencil and all the colors from the eyeshadow palette. The lipstick and brow pencil have a good pigmentation. The eyeshadow palette also has a good pigmentation but when you use the colors in a eyelook you barely see something of that pigmentation…

And this is the full face look where I used all the products…


I’m disappointed in these products from les couleurs de noir. This is a brand that their sell at the pharmacy and for those prices I expected more from these products. There are ok but not fantastic. There are so many improvements needed especially for the mascara… But all with all I like the brow pencil but you need to use this very careful and also the lipstick are for sure ok. But like I said, for that price I expect more….

Lots of love xxx

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