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LE fenty beauty: Galaxy Collection

We all love Rihanna, make-up and glitters! Add this all together and you get the beautiful galaxy collection from fenty beauty! And just wow this collection didn’t steal his name! It’s a magical galaxy collection with much beautiful and special products! I bought 2 lipsticks and an eyeliner. Rihanna was for sure thinking let’s sparkle into the galaxy! So finally is here my review about this amazing collection from fenty beauty!


Wooow, just wow! I only would buy these products for the magical packing! You can stare hours and hours to this amazing galaxy packings! It’s so pretty to have these in your collection! 😉

2 in 1 glitter release eyeliner in alien bae

Let’s start with the eyeliner, because this one is special it is namely a 2 in 1 product. With this eyeliner you can make a metallic look but also a glitter line. And maybe now you’re thinking huh, how does that work? So when you bring this eyeliner on just normal you will get a metallic look. But if you wait till it is dry and you rub a few time over the line then will the metallic look make place for the glitters! You can see this very good on the swatches. Because till my big surprise does this really works!

The eyeliner has a good, tiny and flexible brush. With this you can easy draw a thinner but also thicker line. It’s a good eyeliner and it’s easy to apply this one!

In the packing you can see a bit the metallic look but if you’re looking enough you can see above the pretty blue and purple glitters. But you already know that the eyeliner is amazing so now you wanna see the 2 in 1 result?

Left you see the eyeliner like it normally is so the metallic look. On the right side is the result when the eyeliner is dry and I rubbed a few times over it. As you can see are the glitters there! So left it indeed gives a metallic look with here and there a little glitter, but right after a few rubs I see clearly the pretty blue glitter! The eyeliner is a real galaxy to look at! I have the blue one, but you also got a green and nude golden 2 in 1 eyeliner.

Hyper-glitz lipstick

In this collection you find also lipgloss and lipsticks. But personally I loved the lipsticks because these ones looked so special! You have four colors peach, a dark one, a light pink and pink.


This is a beautiful cold tone bright pink color with a silver and fuchsia shimmer in. This one is a real beauty! Normally I’m not such a fan from pink lip colors but I love this one! You can easy build up the intensity for a soft sweet pink color or you can go all the way to a bright pink.


This is a more deep red garnet color with also fuchsia and red glitter in. This is also such a unique color with a pretty shine! And from this color you also easy can build up the intensity. Oh, and the best part about these lipsticks is that when you softly rub your lips on each other there even appear more glitters! Both lipsticks are easy to apply and also take good care of my lips. These are unique thanks to there packing and the magical shine that they have! The color stays for 4 till 5 hours on my lips. That not good but for sure ok.

Down below you can see the swatches from left to right you have: sci-fly, gravity, the glitter line and the metallic version from the eyeliner. As you can see are all those shimmers and glitters so pretty! <3

I just love this galaxy collection from fenty beauty! These products are so magical! It’s a limited edition but I know for sure that they have enough from these products in stock. Because this collection is so beloved and I know why! You can buy Rihanna her brand fenty beauty online or in the sephora. And I hope that there will come a sephora to Belgium because this is just make-up heaven!

The price from the 2 in 1 glitter release eyeliner is €18.95 and the hyper-glitz lipstick cost €17.95.

Lots of love xxx

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