Laundry Day 2014

Last year it was my first time at Laundry day. And I had such a great time that I wanted to go back this year. So this year I went to Laundry day for my second time. And this time it was much better than last year. The weather was not that good, but I had so much fun. The theme of this year was revolution and this was clearly present. I also find it a logical theme, because 100 years ago it was WWI. At Laundry day I took a lot of pictures. Now I’m going to show a little selection. Because with these pics you can imagine what Laundry Day and the atmosphere was like…

Of course my boyfriend and I have eaten the one and only Belgium fries.

This was the main stage this year. And I think it’s not that impressive. The main stage of 2013 was much more impressive. But that is only my opinion.

The Big Bro was both my boyfriend and my favourite stage. We both found this stage much better and more impressive than the main stage.

Yes, I was photobombing this photo. My boyfriend was trying to picture the atmosphere. But when he did that I jumped in front of his camera.

This was why we loved the Big Bro stage. When it was dark this stage was the most beautiful of all.

So this was the report for Laundry Day 2014. I hope you like articles like this! I definitely want go back to Laundry Day in 2015!

Did someone of you also go to Laundry Day this year? How did you like it? If you were on LD this year, I hope you also had a wonderful time!!

Lots of love xxx