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Lady speed stick in Belgium & The Netherlands

When I was in Budapest I bought for the first time a deodorant from the well know brand lady speed stick. I bought two of them to be exactly, two gel deodorants. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring more of them home because I was only traveling with hand luggage. I’m still a huge fan of lady speed stick but there is one disadvantage… Lady speed stick is hard to get in Belgium or the Netherlands… But some time ago I got a cool email from the webshop: exclusively. On this webshop there sell a lot of different lady speed sticks. And they send these to Belgium and the Netherlands! *yaaay*  And I had the change to try out some of their deodorants. I told them that they could send me any deo they want. And they send me their 2 most popular ones in a stick to try out. But they also send me two other deodorants for a giveaway in Belgium…

I was already fan from the gel variant because these are easy to bring on and they worked amazing. But now I’m also fan from this stick variant! It’s so handy and it also works amazing! The stick form also protects me during the whole day and the deodorants just have such a lovely smell!

Wild freesia

This is a lovely flower deodorant that smells a bit fresh. This one directly does me think about the summer, so I’m sure that during the summer this deodorant will be amazing! It’s such a lovely and good flowery smell without being to predominant.

Shower fresh

Shower fresh is for sure my favorite! It’s a good fresh but also female smell! I can understand for sure why shower fresh is one of the most ordered deodorants! Because oh, it’s so good!


I’m even more fan of lady speed stick now! These sticks absolutely work amazing and they protect you during the day. Also they both smell amazing! So lady speed stick is for sure an amazing deodorant that keep you dry the whole day! It really are my favorite deodorants and I’m so happy that now you easily can buy them online!

Lots of love xxx

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