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La provençale bio: organic skincare

Regarding organic skincare, there are unfortunately a lot of misconceptions. But luckily this didn’t stop the new brand ‘la provençale bio’ to develop certified organic skincare. All their products are made with high quality organic olive oil. Olive oil is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, this works protecting and is essential to prevent aging from the skin. The formulas from the products are 98% till 100% made from ingredients with a natural origin. But this is not everything… These products are made in France and the packagings are 100% recyclable. Are you curious about what my thoughts are about this organic skincare? Then keep on reading, because these products surprised me in a good way!

Micellar cleansing water – 400 ml – €8,99

This micellar water must refresh and cleanse the skin in a soft way. It must also be perfect to remove eye-make. Good to know: this micellar water is 99% from natural origin and the flagon is 100% recyclable.





This micellar water is handy to use and smells fresh and spicy. I really love the smell of this! This micellar water cleanses the skin very well and just works perfectly! If feels good on the skin and the smell also works a bit relaxing. I find this an amazing micellar water that does what needs to be done. I’m going to buy this one for sure again!

Night serum – 30 ml – €15,99

This night serum is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, it must revitalizes the skin. This ultra-nourishing serum must hydrate and strengthens the skin for 48 hours. It’s 100% from natural origin, and you just apply a few drops from this on your face and neck in the evening.

I can already tell you that this serum is my personal favorite out of all these products! This serum really works fantastic!

This serum comes in a beautiful, luxurious packing with a handy pipette. I personally love this because this works fantastic and mainly hygienic. The smell of this is subtle but fresh and spicy.

I love using an oil at night so this night serum is just the perfect match for me. I always use 3 to 4 drops. This oil feels very good and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s an oil that absorbs good and quickly into the skin! I directly notice so much difference! My skin looks better and less dry. I’m using this serum longer than a month now and I’m very enthusiastic about this! My skin looks good and feels much better. This serum indeed hydrates, strengthens and let my skin looks bright. Also, this product I wanna buy for sure again! This is a fantastic night serum!

Anti-age day cream – 50 ml – €15,99

This day cream is 98% of natural origin. This cream must reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Just as the night serum comes this day cream also in a beautiful, luxurious packing. It has a subtle, good, fresh, spicy & a bit flowery smell.

The texture of this cream is normal. It isn’t airy but also not thick. It’s just has a nice texture that applies easily and absorbs quickly into the skin. I really love this day cream, it does what it promises to do. It makes my skin elastic and lets it looks good and less dry. And… it indeed reduces fine lines! So are you looking for a good day cream? Then you must give this one a chance! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen afterward for the ultimate anti-again effect! 😉 (Protection your face & body against the sun is very important to prevent aging).

L’huile de beauté – 100 ml – €16,99

Last but not least this 3 in 1 oil. This oil is perfect for face, body & hair. It’s enriched with olive and sunflower oil. It’s a dry oil that must take care of your skin and hair without feeling sticky or making it greasy.

First of all wanna take a moment to talk about the smell of this oil. It smells lovely & flowery. This oil contains bergamot, ylang ylang, and tuberose. The perfect combination for a lovely flower bouquet.

The best part about this oil is that it comes in a spray flagon. This works so handy especially if you use this oil for your body. It works fast and efficient.

So this must be a ‘dry oil’ that doesn’t feel greasy. First of all, I only use this oil on my body. Because for my face I use the other products. But for my body works this oil fantastic! It takes good care of my skin and hydrates. The oil doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs quickly into my skin. And like promised it doesn’t leave a greasy film. Yes, also this oil works amazing! Thanks to the spray it is also quick and handy. This oil is just like the other products fantastic!


I never thought that these products would be this fantastic! It are all amazing products, that I wanna buy for sure again! Yes, la provencale bio convinced me! I’m so happy about this new brand! The idea behind this brand is fantastic, the products look luxurious and work amazing! So if you are looking for (new) good skin care… Yes, then be sure to check out ‘la provencale’ bio, because except these 4 products they have a lot more like; an eye cream, a hand cream,… And if I may recommend a product… The night serum is my personal favorite!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.


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