Kneipp: world of fragrances scents sticks & scents candles

Kneipp got something new on the market… The ‘world of fragrances’ this is inspired by the nature. As you maybe know I’m fan from Kneipp and I an already wrote a review about the body lotion mousse and the lovely douche products from Kneipp. But this time I’m not reviewing skin care products… But I’m going to tell you more about there scents candles and scents sticks. Because the ‘world of fragrances’ is all about surprising and natural scents combinations. The scents are created in collaboration with fragrance experts and they must have a positive effect on your mood. But this is not everything… Because…

These are special made minimalistic with natural material because this way they will fit perfectly in every interior. The scents sticks contains ethereal oil and they must give there smell evenly. You also can choose the intensity from the scent by using more or less sticks. In the packing you find 7 sticks. So you can play around and find out how many sticks works the best for you. The scents candles are their to create a particular mood on special moments. The candle comes in a beautiful glass that you can reuse, the cover from it is in bamboo.

4 different scents:

Macadamia star anise orange: the smell from this must give you the feeling of safety. This is a combination of macadamia, star anise and orange. It is a warm, elegant and spicy smell. This is available as scents candle.

Sandalwood-patchouli: is a soft, sweet and wooden smell that must provide a harmonious setting. This one is available in both variants so as scents candle and as the sticks.

Lavender: gives you rest and a relaxing feeling, it’s a flower but also spicy smell. It’s available as scents sticks.

Vetiver-mandarin: is a sunny fresh, flowery smell that must make you happy. This one is also available in the candle and sticks.


The candle and sticks indeed fit perfectly in each interior, it looks so stylish. But of course the moment important… The scents… The sticks that I have are lavender, these smell lovely after lavender it not a chemical smell, it’s just the natural smell from lavender. It’s a relaxing smell that is strong present and it let everything smell so good! The candle that I have is macadamia star anise orange. This also let everything smells so good! You first smell the strong scents from star anise, but this fades away and you get a lovely smell that is perfect for autumn and the winter. Oh, a cool fact… From this smell there comes of whole collection on the market soon. And I already can tell you: this smell is fantastic! So I can’t wait until the products are available. And both products make whole the room smell good and it will also smell that way of a while.

Thanks to the fantastic, natural smell and the stylish looks are these products also perfect to give as a gift. So maybe you can remember these products for with the Holidays… 😉

Availability & price:

Kneipp is available at the drugstore. And the prices are also sweet: the kneipp scents sticks cost €8,99 and a scents candle is €7,99.

Lots of love xxx

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