Kneipp cherry blossom

A brand that never disappoint me is… Kneipp! I’m fan from their amazing products and lovely smells. And except their body products they also have scents candle and more to let your home smell amazing. Yes, I’m fan from all the kneipp products that I tested out till now! So when I saw their new line ‘cherry blossom’ I directly was so curious to try the products out! Because cherry blossom sounds heavenly good and the products look pretty and spring and summer proof! I tried out the bath crystals, hand cream and the body lotion spray… So time to tell you everything about these three products…

Cherry blossom bath crystals – €8,49

Let’s start with the bath crystals… These are made from pure salt crystals. When you add these in the water a beautiful pink bath will appear that smell after cherry blossom. Beautiful to see and smell! The smell of it works relaxing. I didn’t try these out in a real bath only in a foot bath because I don’t have a bath… But in a foot bath are these crystals lovely!

Cherry blossom body lotion spray – €9,99

A body lotion spray is a fast and effective way to take care of your skin. This spray feels so light and lovely on the skin and directly absorbs into the skin. The spray works easy to bring on the lotion quick. The lotion feels very light but it does hydrates and make my skin soft. The spray is for sure perfect for your daily routine in the spring and summer! This is a good product that works fantastic and quick, you spray in on the skin and your done and your skin will feel soft and good.

Cherry blossom hand cream – €6,49

There are three things that a good hand cream need to do for me. And these are: it must absorb quick into the skin, taking good care of my hands and the smell of it can’t be too predominant. And… This hand cream satisfies to all my requirements. Yes, it absorbs quick into the skin, takes good care of my hands and the smell is not to predominant after cherry blossom. This hand cream makes my skin soft, healthy and pretty!


These products from kneipp are lovely! Especially with spring around the corner is the working and cherry blossom smell from these products ideal! I only could try out the bath crystals in a foot bath but I’m sure that these in a bath will also be very relaxing. The spray lotion is handy, quick and nourishing and the hand cream also works amazing! So this cherry blossom line is for sure a good addition to the kneipp assortment!

Lots of love xxx

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