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Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oréal Paris lipsticks

When I saw the Karl Lagerfeld x L’oréal collection I was directly enthusiast! Two iconic Parisian brands that worked together on a make-up collection, yes this sounds very promising! This is a collection full with female color but then with a rock twist. To describe this collection with Karl’s words: “Tomorrow I can be the opposite from what I am today”. And this is also perfect to describe this collection, you find everything to discover yourself. You find in this limited edition lipsticks, mascara & an eyeliner. And I will tell you everything about two beautiful lipsticks.


This is the perfect everyday pink nude color with a cold undertone. And on the lips looks this one prettier than in the packing.

Normally I’m not such a huge fan from nude colors, but this one is just tooo pretty! This one is for sure one of my favorite colors right now! It is perfect for every occasion!


This is a bright fuchsia color. And this one is sooo cool, but it’s a color that you must dare to wear. And that makes this one perfect for this collection with Karl!

Yes, I really love this color! It’s bright, fun, just perfect for this collection!

Here you see the swatches on my arm. I really love the colors!


These lipsticks are just beautiful, not only the packing but also the colors! It’s the perfect tribute for Karl! And the quality is also good! They are easy to bring on and are very creamy and feel good on the lips. I also have the feeling that the lipsticks hydrate my lips. They have the typical lipstick smell. Both colors also have a good pigmentation. But because these are very creamy they don’t stay good on the lips. But this is not a disadvantaged because the colors stain a bit in the lips. You have to reapply this lipstick during the day. But thanks too the staining effect you barely see that you need to reapply it. The ‘creamy’ will go off you lips but thanks to that staining you will still see the color. So these work fantastic and are also easy and quick to reapply. I can for sure recommend this collection and the products are for sure collectors items. Except these two lipstick you also find 4 other colors and a mascara and an eyeliner in this collection.

Price: these lipsticks are limited edition and cost €14,99.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.