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Instantly sexy lips with too faced lip injection extreme?

You can’t get around it but lip injections are hotter that hot! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting it, I have zero experience with it and I also would be afraid from the needles. So I think I’m never going to try out lip injection. But I’m honest and of course I sometimes wished that my lips looked bigger. So a lip gloss that must give your bigger lips sounds much better that lip injection? Doesn’t it? But good, everybody his choose! But I’m always looking for a ‘natural’ way to get my lips look bigger, so I tried out the lip injection extreme from too faced. And does this really works?

What promise lip injection extreme?

This lip product must give your lips a fuller and more plump look. It also promise to moisturize your lips during the whole day. Sounds very good, especialy the increase lip volume part! Because we all want that our lips looks fuller, but real lip injections, sounds so scary, isn’t it?! So maybe it this ‘lip injection’ the temporarily solution.

How does this works?

The big question is how does this works because it’s just temporarily? So this is a lipgloss and when you apply this you will feel after a few second an intense tingle this can least 5 till 10 min. So this gloss just irritates your lips and your lips will react on the tingle with swelling up. So your lips will feel thinker and look fuller.

The gloss looks a bit holographic in the packing, but on the lips I barley see something from that. On my lips it just looks like a pretty gloss that gives my lips a pretty shine. But the most important thing…. do I get fuller lips with this?

And with much happiness I can say yeeees! Left you can see before and right after I applied this gloss. You can see that my lips looks more swollen and fuller. But I needed to endure an extreme tingling and after that it felt a bit like a burning feeling. Luckily that feeling was gone after 5 min and then my lips looks pretty and fuller. The result will stay for the whole day. But this gloss is for sure a no pain no gain! 😉


Ok, I see much difference and my lips look fuller. But you need to get over the 5 min of pain, because this gloss irritates your lips for sure. But after that your lips looks the whole day beautiful, good and thicker! But of course not to thick because it gives a subtle result. So yes, you directly got sexy lips with lip injection extreme! But I wouldn’t recommend this gloss to use every day. But for days when you wanna steal the show with full lips is this the perfect product!

Lip injection extreme from too faced cost around the €25.

Lots of love xxx

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