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Hugo boss: eau de parfum alive

I just love perfume, I’m wearing it almost every day even when I’m just staying home. I prefer sweet perfumes. But sometimes I fall in love with another perfume. This time it was love at first smell with a woody and fruity smell from hugo boss, boss alive. The perfume is created as the female counterpart from the iconic boss bottled perfume for men. This must be a cheerful perfume and is specially designed to inspire women the life each day fully. I love the message behind this perfume! And to be honest I also love the boss bottled perfume for men so I think that’s also why I love this perfume.


Apple, black current, plum & cinnamon must give you more energy in your life.


Vanilla must be symbolic for ‘joie de vivre’.


Cedar wood, sandalwood, olive wood, and golden wood from Alaska. These lively and strong woods must give you warmth and power to inspire you to follow your heart.

The packing from this perfume is simple but elegant. It’s not a special packing, it more minimalistic. I personally love the packing and golden details. Alive is a fruity and a bit sweet smell. When the smell develops more I noticed a more warm and creamy smell. Thanks to the vanilla and plum in this perfume it reminds me of (fruit) ice cream. I find alive a pleasant sensual, fruity, and warm smell. First I smell something fresh and fruity and after some time I think because of the vanilla it becomes a more creamy smell with a wooden undertone. I find alive a lovely perfume! It’s also staying present for the whole day. Perfume is, of course, something personal but if you are looking for a lovely perfume… Then I can recommend alive for sure! In the beginning, I also thought this perfume is nothing for me… But when I smelled it, I directly was sold.

Price: hugo boss alive eau de perfume cost €58,90 for 30ml, €80,50 for 50ml & €102,50 for 80ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.