How to get tomorrowland tickets + tips

As you maybe know I had to luck to got to tomorrowland for a few times. So if you also wanna go to tomorrowland then be sure to read this article! Because I’m going to give you some tips that can help you…

When and where?

It’s important that you know which weekend you wanna go. The first weekend (19,20,21 July) or the second one (26,27,28 July). Of course you got more chance if you are available both weekends, because when one is sold out you can also choose to go for the other weekend. Something else you need to know… How am I going to get in Boom, Belgium. Because there are also special global journeys that you can book. Global journey is a packet with bus, train of flight to Belgium and a full madness pass for tomorrowland with eventual hotel or camping.


Check in advances what you wanna do. Do you wanna sleep in a hotel or on dreamville or… Always try to go for your first choose but in worse case scenario keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have a second and or third choose. Because it goes fast with the tickets. So are you going for dreamville or a hotel or do you wanna enjoy one of the special packets on dreamville? So think about this first before the pre sale starts.

How do you get tickets for tomorrowland?

The most important thing is that you must pre-registered. You can do this on the tomorrowland site. If you aren’t pre-registered then you can’t participate for the sales of the ticket. Pre-registration for the worldwide pre-sale end 25 January, 20h. And the pre-registration for worldwide ticket sale ends 1 February, 20h. The dates from the sales are:

Global journey travel packages:

Saturday January 19th 2019 – 17h00 CET

Belgian pre-sale

Saturday January 26th 2019 – 11h00 CET

Worldwide pre-sale

Saturday January 26th 2019 – 17h00 CET

Worldwide ticket sale

Saturday February 2nd 2019 – 17h00 CET

You can find the prices from the tickets on the tomorrowland site. With the ticket sale is who first comes, first served. So you need much luck.

But to get some extra luck are here some tips:

– choose a fast internet browser like: firefox, chrome,…
– you can also connect your laptop directly with the internet cable. This way you are sure that nothing can go wrong with the wifi.
– close all the unnecessary things and be sure that only the site from the tormorrowland ticket sale is the only thing that is online.
– open the link from the ticket sale on time, so 20 till 30min before the ticket sale starts.
–  you can participate with more devices like phone, tablet,… This is not a certainty and can make the waiting line longer. But you can always try it, because you never know. 🙂
– never never use other site! Only use the tomorrowland site itself.
– a tip when you get in… be sure that there is enough money on your account and raise your limit. Because you don’t want that your payment is canceled because it’s more than your daily limit….
– and be sure that everything is within reach. So your bankcard and all the other things you need,… So be prepared that when you get in you don’t waste time with searching after something.
– keep in mind that on top of the ticket prices there are also additional costs for transaction, sending your bracelet,…
– the most important from all… Do not ever refresh your page! Because then you get all at the back of the waiting line, and you don’t want that!

Oh, if you already wanna get in the tomorrowland mood? Then be sure to check out all my articles. Because I’m sharing a lot like tips what you must eat for sure,…

Lots of love xxx

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