How good is lady speed stick?

What is there worse than seeing that you are extremely sweating and that you can see it through your shirt. Then is everything ruined and you will try that this will be less noticeable, because that is for sure embarrassing… I know that feeling for sure. And witch deo I use there is always a chance that I have such an embarrassing moment. This is so annoying. I’m already went to a dermatologist but there are just a few solutions for extremely sweating. So I’m always looking for the perfect deo. But this is a real mission impossible. Probably you maybe heard another blogger about how good the lady speed stick is. So after reading and hearing so much about lady speed stick I was curious to try it out. But finding it was another hard mission. But when I was in Budapest I was lucky and I saw enough lady speed sticks looking at me. I had enough chose and I bought 2 lady speed sticks to try out. But how good is lady speed stick now?

What is the promise from lady speed stick?

The promise from this deo is a 48-hours protection against excessive sweating. But let’s be honest a deo that can protect you for 48 hours is almost impossible. Because lady speed stick also don’t give me a 48h protection. But it does protects you for a day but I didn’t expect it would protect me for 48h.

How does it work?

The packing is very flat and lays good in your hand. Below you find a rotary knob whereby you can dose the gel easy. Normally I use a stick or a spray deo. So a gel deo is something new for me. But I love this easy system because you got a lot of control about the dosing.

How much do I like this gel deo?

The gel structure is more liquid that other deodorants. But it’s easy to apply without living any stains. Or you would love that gel structure is something personal. But personally I find it for sure worth trying out. Both deo’s have a soft but lovely smell. Especially the pro 5 in 1 is my favorite! They both work the same. You don’t have stains and you feel the whole day dry and fresh. So I know why there are so many fans from lady speed stick! Lady speed stick just works so much better than my regular deodorants! I’m so happy that I finally found a good deo and that I bought two of them. I will use these with much love!


Lady speed stick don’t give a 48h protection but I also didn’t expect that. But this deo protects you the whole day against sweating and unwanted smells. This deodorant is a must have if you’re looking for a good one that will protect you very good. I will use the lady speed sticks with much love! There are just my favorite from now on!

The only negative thing… Lady speed stick is difficult to obtain especially in Belgium… Abroad you can find this and also on some online stores. The price is around the €3,50 till €5.

Lots of love xxx

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  • Cathe Woman

    I’m french, I love this product. I have buy it in Poland, but i can’t go to Poland now.
    Where can i find this product in France or in Belgium?

    • MissPrettiness

      I don’t know of this is an option but there are some webshop where you can order lady speed stick online.
      And than you can let it come to Belgium or France!
      I hope that this helps you a bit!

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