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Hotspot: Ellis Gourmet Burger, Antwerp

Hotspot is a new kind of articles on my blog, and it can be about a cool store or somewhere where you can eat something good or… I’m so excited to share these hotspot articles with you! Because when it’s about food I’m going to share hotspots that have good veggie options! Because as a veggie I know how hard it’s to find good options. But my boyfriend still eats meat so I can share food hotspots that a good for veggies and meat lovers! And my first hotspot article is about ellis gourmet burger in Antwerp. And we didn’t accidentally went there. Because can you remember my article about the night of the adeaters? Because in this article I told you that my boyfriend won a coupon to eat in ellis, so perfect to start with these kind of articles!

In Antwerp you have ellis gourmet burger on three different places, but we choose the one nearby the mas building. We went on a rainy Saturday around 15h. There where not a lot of people, so we could take place where ever we wanted. And it was a difficult choose because it was so cosy everywhere!

But we toke place at a cosy place nearby the window.

The menu card is very original, it’s namely in the form from a newspaper. So ellis gets a big 10 for originality! And as you can see there was so much choose! As veggie I could choose between three veggie burgers. There was as much choose from side dishes from onion rings, french fries, corn and much more! Yes, choose enough and for meat eaters there where so much burgers onto the menu!


It’s cosy and the food is so good and the service is also amazing and fast! So yes, I’m going to ellis gourmet burger again! It’s a good place to eat as a veggie or meat eater. The price class for the burgers is from €9-20.
Address: Sint-Aldegondiskaai 52, 2000 Antwerp

Lots of love xxx

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