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Hema: korean beauty skincare

Some time ago I was looking around in hema, because they often have pretty decoration items. But this time I didn’t buy any decoration because I saw something else… Namely korean beauty skincare! I was directly interested and I tried out all the products! After 20min looking and testing I found 2 products I wanted to try for sure. Namely an intensive hydro gel & sleeping mask. And now it’s time for my review of these products!

Intensive hydro bomb – €8,50

I will first give you some information about the k-beauty line from hema. This collection is all about intensive hydrating and glowing skin. All the products are made in South-Korea and contain innovative ingredients.

But now back to this hydro bomb. This is an intensive moisturizing gel enriched with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid & caffeine. It must brighten your skin, stimulate hydration, make your skin texture smoother and it must give you that pretty Korean glow! You can bring this product on your skin after cleansing it and before you apply any cream.

The packing from this is pretty & handy in a flacon with a pump system. The bottom from this product comes up, so this means that you even can get the last bits out of this packing. The smell from this is very fresh and the structure is more like a watery gel. When you apply this on your skin it feels good and refreshing. You only need a little and it directly gets absorbs into the skin. Yes, this is for sure an amazing product! It’s a good basis that makes my skin look good and hydrates it! This is for sure a budget topper!

Sleeping pack – €8,50

You bring on a good layer from this mask on a cleansed skin before you are going to sleep. And you just let it do his work overnight. The next morning just rinse your face as you normally do. This is an intensive night mask enriched with niacinamide, macadamia and avocado oil. So this product contains a lot of good ingredients to make fine lines less visible and it must give you a flawless looking skin!

It’s a very rich cream that smells fresh, but it feels good and light on the skin. Sometimes I dislike a sleeping mask, because I turn a lot in my sleep. So my tip is to lay a towel over your pillow. Better safe, then sorry! 😉 When I used it in the evening and I wake up I noticed that I still feel some product on my skin. But I just rinse my skin like I normally do and then is this all gone. And I must say this overnight mask works good. My skin looks much better and hydrate! So this mask will be fantastic for this winter! But my skin also feels very soft and looks so good! So yeees, this sleeping mask is also a budget topper! Just apply it in the evening, do your beauty sleep and in the morning your skin will look fantastic!


Yeees, I really love the hema k-beauty line! Wow, I’m impressed! I never expected that hema would sell such amazing skincare products! It are amazing products that feel good on the skin and hydrate it! Yes, they do what they promise! And the best part… They are budget proof!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.

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