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Hema bamboo sheet mask

I don’t go that often to hema, but when I’m in the store I’m always taking a look at their beauty corner. Because I’m always looking for cool beauty products to try out… And so I saw this 2 face spa bamboo sheet masks in the promotion. I bought them both because I love sheet masks. Mabye you already know this? Because I often review sheet mask from the action. And with the promotion it looked like the perfect opportunity to try these out. Especially because I didn’t find a review about these sheet masks. But now I brought some change in that. So keep on reading if you wanna know how good these sheet masks really are…

Face spa bamboo sheet mask dead sea minerals: €2,25

This mask is enriched with dead sea minerals like seaweed and red algae.This bamboo sheet mask must calms, cleanses and let your skin feel soft. You can bring this mask on, on a cleaned skin and you leave it for 10min. The remining serum you can just massages into your skin. But how good is this mask?

Let’s be honest this mask was a really hell… I tried out a lot of different face masks but this is something never happened before! This mask just smelled so bad! My boyfriend was nearby and as reaction he said: what is that bad smell? Yes, it was this face mask, and even when I removed it my skin still smelled bad. This is not so plesant, but luckily the bad smell was gone after a facial scrub session… But enough about the bad smell from this mask, now it’s all about what it does… After only 5min I toke of the mask this was partly for the smell and partly because it felt so weird on my skin. My skin felt very weird and also cold. In the summer I can understand that this feels good, but in the winter not really. 😉 And also the mask didn’t do anything for my skin. So no, I’m not going to recommend this face spa bamboo with dead sea minerals mask!

Face spa bamboo sheet mask argan oil: €2,25

This bamboo mask is enriched with argan oil. And this mask helps to nourish and restore your skin. It also must give your tired skin the boost it needs. So after using this sheet mask your skin must feel soft, fresh and moisturised. Also this mask you bring it on, on a cleansed skin and leave it on the skin for 10min.

Luckily this mask smells a lot better than the dead sea mineral mask! You smell the argan oil and this is a pleasant and relaxing smell! So I’m glad that this mask smell good! Also it works much better than the other one! This mask gives a pleasant and warm tingling. This feels so good so I left this mask a bit longer on my skin. I think 20min because it really felt so good and relaxing. After I removed the mask I massaged the remaining serum into my skin. And this is indeed the perfect mask for when your (tired) skin needs a boost. Because this mask really gives your skin the boost it needs! I also find this the perfect mask after an exhausting periode or a long night. Or if you just wanna pamper your skin. 🙂

I’m not a fan from the dead sea minerals mask, it doesn’t do anything for my skin and it smells so bad! The sheet mask with argan oil works fortunately much and much better! This is the perfect mask for when your skin needs a boost! I bought these two mask in a promotion, but I’m never ever going to buy the dead sea minerals mask again. But the argan oil mask, yes that one I’m going to buy again!

Both face masks are available in the hema.

Lots of love xxx

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