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Hask: argan & macadamia oil

From time to time I get influenced because some time ago I saw someone sharing these oils on her instagram stories. I can’t remember who… But I remembered the oils. Because in her stories she said that thanks to these oils her hair looked pretty, shiny and healthy. But the best part from all was that these oils where budget proof and you could find these in primark. So some while ago when I was in primark, I was on the lookout for these oils. Of course, I was happy when I found these. But at first, I didn’t know that this where hair oils, I thought that these were hair masks. Yeees, oops… But when I read that packing I directly noticed that I made a mistake. But luckily my hair oil was almost empty… So I have one oil that must strengthen & restore your hair and the other one is to protect & hydrate.

Argan oil – repairing shine hair oil – 18 ml – €3,49

This oil must be perfect for fluffy, dry and damaged hair. The smell of this is so good! The oil is easy to apply without making your hair greasy. And this oil makes my hair look so much better, it gives it a pretty shine. And after some weeks of using this oil, I noticed that my hair looked and felt healthier and much better. It also was less fluffy, it just felt so good. Yes, this oil is perfect for my colored, dry hair. This is for sure an amazing budget proof product that I wanna buy again!

Macadamia oil – moisturizing shine hair oil – 18 ml – €3,49

This oil must give your hair a hydration boost. If you use a lot of warmth (think about styling, curls or drying your hair) or you color it often? Yes, then is this hydration boost what you need! Each time I use warmth on my hair, I use this oil. And this one is fantastic! Even if you use warmth your hair still looks good and healthy with a pretty shine. But I must say that I don’t use a lot of heat on my hair. But for the times I did, this oil worked fabulous! If your hair is dry and needs hydration? Then is this oil what your thirsty hair is looking for!

These oils don’t contain sulfates, parabens and are alcohol-free. The bottles are tiny, but you can do a long time with these. Especially because you only need a little from these oils. The opening is a big hole, so you need to be careful because otherwise, you will directly take too much. I only need a small drop from it. The cap is a bit harder to remove because it is too tiny.


Both oils work amazing! The oil with macadamia is perfect for when you color your hair often or use a lot of heat products. The oil with argan is ideal for fluffy, dry and or damaged hair. Both oils take good care of my hair and make it soft and let it look healthy. But my personal favorite is the oil enriched with argan because this one is just perfect for my fluffy, curly hair. Yes, I’m going to buy this oil for sure again! They work fantastic, you don’t need much from it and they are budget proof! Yes, I love this! I bought these in the primark but you can also find them online.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.