Happy Holidays! ✨

My ikea advent calendar is already gone… So that means that Christmas is here! Meanwhile, it’s already the first Christmas day. I’m not doing anything special today I’m just binge watching series in comfy clothing. 😉 But yesterday it was busy because I had some guest coming. I took care of the veggie appetizers and the cocktails… But everything when smooth so it was a great evening! But I hope that you also had or have amazing plans with these days! Because it’s all about being together! And next week it’s already 2018! Time flies… But before it’s 2018 I will wish you all the best for these Holidays! Enjoy this period and I hope you will have an amazing time!

This is our Christmas tree for this year! Not a lot of gifts if you keep in mind that some are fake to fill the emptiness up… 😉 Hehe, but gifts are always nice to give but the Holidays is mainly about being together with your loved once! And our Christmas tree this year is a bit small if you compare it with our huge plants. But next year we are going for a bigger tree!

From woodwick I got the change to choose some scented candles. And these three were just perfect for on my Christmas table! I also got a lot of positive comments about these candles. Because they are huge, special and they smells so good!

Blouse is from: lesara

So I wish you all the best with Christmas and of course in 2018! That you all may have warm and happy Holidays filled with lot of love! <3

Lots of love xxx

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