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Garnier bio: vegan skincare

Garnier recently launched a new skin care line, and I’m so enthusiastic about it, I’m talking about the garnier bio line. A collection full with vegan and bio skin care products, that are created with respect for nature. Because these products also have a recyclable packaging insofar it’s possible. If you ask me then is this a big step forwards! I’m already enthusiastic about the concept behind the products. But the most important is of course… How good are these vegan skin care products? I would say keep on reading because you will be surprised…

Nourishing Moisturiser with argan – €10,99

Argan oil is known for the nourishing effect. And that is why this repairing balm is perfect for a dry and or sensitive skin. This balm is also a multi functional product, you can use this for your face, body & hands. Except the argan oil you also find karite butter & vitamin E in this balm. So this one is perfect for every dry or sensitive spot. I love to use this product as a night cream, that this balm can help moisture and repair my skin during the night. And this cream works fantastic! When I wake up my skin looks good and healthy. For a dry or sensitive skin or when you have dry spot works this cream perfectly! It’s a fantastic balm that smells good and makes my skin soft and let it feel healthy and moisture again.

Glowing Facial Oil – €14,99

This glowing facial oil with lavender must make your skin smooth, firm & look fantastic. You can use this oil in the morning and or evening as a face oil or you can add 1 till 2 drops to your day cream for a natural glow. This oil is perfect for all the skin types even for a sensitive skin. But let’s be realistic for a moment… I think that if you got a greasy skin and you use this on a hot summer day… Then I’m pretty sure that you will glow like crazy… If you skin is more greasy I would say use this oil in the evening. Because the oil works and smell fantastic. This oil also feels so good on your skin, it gives your skin a beautiful glow and takes care of it.

Anti Wrinkle Day Cream – €13,99

Except the face oil is this anti wrinkle day cream also enriched with lavender. This one is also perfect for all the skin types. Personally is this day cream one of my favorite products and I use this almost every day. If you use this cream the lovely lavender smell is the first thing you will knowledge. It’s a strong smell, so you have to love the lavender smell. Personally I find it a relaxing smell. This day cream feels good, applies easy but it needs a bit more time to fully absorb into the skin. I would say around 2 till 3 minutes. But after those minutes your skin will look amazing and feel so soft. I really love this daydream, it really does what a good day cream needs to do!

Konjac sponge – €7,99

I don’t know or you already know a konjac sponge? But I use this for a while now and I’m such a fan from it! Such a sponge is a mild but natural cleanser that is perfect for every skin type. This sponge must help to remove make-up, dirt and dead skin cells on a soft way. Because this sponge is a natural product you must replace it every 2 till 3 months. If you wanna use it you first must let it absorb enough water and then will this sponge will become soft. Personally I like the feeling of this sponge must more than from a wash cloth.

Purifying Gel Wash – €7,99

I always use the sponge in combination with this gel wash. You can use this one in the morning and or evening, this one is perfect for the normal till combined skin. The pump system from this works perfectly! And the smell from this gel is so good, it smells so refreshing! Especially in the morning can this smell gives you the morning boots you need. 😉 The face wash works perfectly, it does what a good cleanser need to do without drying out the skin.

Perfecting Toner – € 7,99

This toner is for the combined till greasy skin. This toner smells very fresh but lovely! I use this toner in the evening after I washed my face. Personally I’m the least enthusiastic about this toner. Don’t get me wrong it feels very good and doesn’t dry out my skin. But this is not a product that I would buy again, because I don’t think that this product added value to my skincare routine.


The garnier bio line is a big step in the right way. I find these products amazing! And the best part, these are vegan and biological! The prizes from the products are also sweet. Because you often can buy the products in a promotion or online for less. So I would say are you looking for good (vegan) skin care products? Then be sure to check out the garnier bio line!

Lots of love xxx

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