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Garnier ambre solaire: uv water, after sun & sensitive expert

I secretly hope for another ‘heat wave’ or better some good weather. Because that way I can work a bit on my tan. 😉 And also use sun products! Because coming outside in the sun that means for me good protection. I find it so important to protect you because the sun is harmful for your skin and you don’t wanna burn your skin. So in the summer I do the best I can to protect myself. I already emptied all the yves rocher sun products, so it was time to try out some new sun products. And this time I tried out the sun products from garnier. Especially the one with uv water directly got my attention. Because these promises to be light and refreshing on the skin. And that is just what I expect from a good sun product…

Garnier ambre solaire: uv water spf 50 – €19,99

I have this one in spf 50, but you also got it in spf 20 & 30. Before you can use this sun spray you must shake it well before using it. Because as you can see consist this one out of 2 layers, a layer of oil and ‘water’. So a good shake before using it is necessary. This sun spray feels very thin just as water, applying it goes so easy and fast. What I directly noticed about this spray is the lovely fresh smell from it, it’s sooo good! This spray directly absorbs into the skin without feeling sticky. I really don’t feel that I’m wearing sun spray. So it really is a fantastic, thin sun spray that works good and feels light on the skin. I only need more from this one then from other sun sprays because it’s so thin. And… the flagon from this is not so handy when you are applying this or are done this flagon easy glide out of your hands. But for the rest is this one amazing!

Garnier ambre solaire: uv water spf 30 – €17,49

This is an innovative sun spray because of the 360° applicator to apply this product with. And just as the sun spray from above you need to shake this one good before use. Applying this with the special applicator is easy, but because the applicator really is 360° I have the feeling the I spill some product. And I also need a lot from this. But the lovely thing about this spray it that it is a refreshing mist, and on a hot summer day feels this soooo good! The sun spray is easy to apply and also absorbs quickly into the skin. I love this one especially because of the refreshing feeling. And just as the sun spray above does this one also protect my skin good. I have the spf 30, but this one is also available in spf 50.

Garnier ambre solaire: after sun – €9,99

This after sun must hydrate the skin and extend your tan. This is because this after sun is enriched with self-tanner that intensifies and extends the tan. This one is for your face & body. What I directly noticed when I used this one, is the smell of it! It’s a lovely, subtle but summery smell! The after sun itself is also amazing! It’s easy to apply, don’t feel greasy and directly absorbs into the skin. Or this one helps to intensify and extend your tan? I don’t know. But what I do know is that this after sun feels so good! I would buy this one for sure again! I also don’t need much from it so this after sun is for sure a new favorite from me!

Garnier ambre solaire: anti-uv crème spf 50 – €12,99

Of course it’s important to protect your face. And this one is hypoallergenic, so perfect for almost every one also if you have a very sensitive skin. I find this a good face cream. Because except protecting you against the sun it must also hydrated your skin during the day. I only need a bit from this, it’s easy to apply and luckily it doesn’t leave a white trace. And it indeed takes care of my skin! Another plus point is that the packing is easy to take with you! So with this one you can easy protect yourself without worrying that your face will look white. 😉


I’m fan from the sun products from garnier! They all work good but they are a bit pricey… But personally I find these worth the price! Especially the uv water spf 50& the after sun are my favorites! But also the sun cream for your face works fantastic! The uv water spf30 with the 360° applicator works also good, but personally I like the other one more. So with these products you don’t have an excuse because they are easy to use and absorb directly into the skin, so don’t forget to protect yourself against the sun! 🙂

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!