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Garnier: aloe vera hair food 3-in-1 mask

My hair needs for sure it weekly hair mask, because it’s dry and I color it. So I need to take good care of my hair because otherwise it will look like straw… This time it was time to try out a new hair mask, from garnier with aloe vera. But this product is not only a hair mask, it is so much more because it’s a 3 in 1 product that is perfect for normal and dry hair. Are you curious? I hope so because I will tell you what I find from this hair product!

This one with aloe vera gel extract is also the newest member in the hair food line from garnier. This one is perfect for normal to dry hair, and it must provide nourishment for beautiful and healthy hair. This mask is with a blend of vegetable oils especially formulated to replace silicone. It contains ingredients like: coconut, soy and sunflower oil. And like I said before is this a 3 in 1 product because… you can use this as a hair mask but also as a conditioner and as a leave in. So with this product you directly got everything you need to take good care of your hair. But this is not everything… Because this mask is for 98% from natural origin, it’s also vegan and it doesn’t contain silicone, parabens or artificial colors.

I use this only as a hair mask mostly 1 till 2 times a week. This hair product as a thick structure but it’s also a bit watery. But it’s an easy product to apply on your hair. The mask itself smells so fresh, the perfect smell for during the summer! Of course this is something personal, but I’m sure a lot will love this aloe vera smell! As a hair mask I let it in my hair for 20 till 30 minutes. Then I rinse it out and wash my hair like I normally do, so time to show you a before and after photo…

Left is before I used this as a hair mask and on the right side is after. You can see that my curls look much better but for the rest at first side you maybe don’t see a lot of chances. But I can tell you for sure that there is a lot of chance! Because except my curls that look good and pretty again it also makes my hair so soft! It feels much better and it also looks much healthier. So yes, this mask does a lot for my hair. And this hair product get bonus points because after I used it my hair smelt so good!


This 3 in 1 product works so good! It makes my hair soft and the best part from all my hair looks better and healthier after using this mask. I personally only use this as a hair mask, but you can also use it as a conditioner or leave-in. It’s a multifunctional product that really works and vegan and budget proof is! So yes, I can recommend this hair product for sure!

Price: Garnier Fructis Hair Food 3-In-1 mask aloe vera costs: €6,99.

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