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Eylure brow products

Call it professional deformation for someone that is graduated as a beautician. But when I see someone the first thing that I look at are the eyebrows… Yes, a real professional deformation… But eyebrows can chance whole your face expression. And because of that you also see more and more brow bars, because they know how important pretty brows are. But you not only see more and more brow bars but also more brow products you can use yourself! Yes, and eylure has a huge assortment with brow product! I tried out there brow amplifier, pomade, contour & luminizer. So time to tell you more about these brow products!

Brow amplifier – €9,95

When I first used this product I didn’t like it, it made my eyebrows looking way too dark. But I gave this product a second chance… And now I really like this easy product! You only must be careful and apply this careful because otherwise your eyebrows will look too dark. But if you use it careful then is this an amazing product that works quick!

On the left side you see my brows without product and on the right side is with a careful layer with brow amplifier.

Brow pomade – €9,95

Unexpected is this brow gel my favorite! It’s an easy gel that not only gives my eyebrows the perfect color but also keep them in the shape I want. It’s for sure the perfect gel to make your brows look pretty! The pigmentation from this product is perfect and this gel is waterproof! So even on the beach your eyebrows will look flawless. This is for sure a product that I will use with much pleasure!

Left without and right with the brow gel.

Brow contour – €9,95

If you prefer a pencil then is this brow contour something for you! This pencil is at once side the color for your brows and at the other it is a highlighter for tight brows. So if you want tight brows is this pencil with a matt highlighter for sure something for you! But if you would only use the brow side I wound’t recommend to buy this product. But if you wanna use both sides then is this a fantastic product and both sides work amazing.

Left without and right with the pencil.

Brow luminizer – €9,95

Are you fan from tight brows? Then is this brow luminizer sometime for you! It’s a pencil with two side, two highlighters a matt and a shimmering one. To be honest I don’t use this product much, because it takes some time… But shame on me for that, because this is a beautiful pencil! The matt highlighter works perfect for tight brows. And the shimmer highlighter is perfect to make your brow look flawless! The shimmering is subtle, but so beautiful! I find this for sure a beautiful product that I need to use more!


What ever your wishes are: gel, pencil,… Eylure has everything covered for your beautiful eyebrows! All the products work amazing. It are 4 fantastic products but my personal favorite is for sure the pomade! This is for sure the best product I ever used for my eyebrows! So are you looking for amazing products that give you beautiful looking eyebrows? Then be sure to check out these eylure products! I’m fan and I’m pretty sure you also will be one! Except this dark brown color they also have a light brown and blond one.

Lots of love xxx

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