Event // press days SS18

Yaay, this month it was finally time for the press days! Whii, I really love these days! It’s always so much fun! And I still meet a lot of new people and that’s just so nice! This time I went to the press days in Antwerp but also to the one in Brussels. And this was so different but so much fun! So the once in Brussels where different because the most people only got to the once in Antwerp. But both press days were just awesome! I saw so much beautiful things! My Christmas wishlist is now already made! 😉

This is a sneak peek from the new Heidi Klum x lidl collection! This time it’s the let’s celebrate collection, this one is perfect for the holidays! This collection is full with glitter and fluffy items! I love the let’s wow collection but I’m also a huge fan from this new collab!

Sometimes I regret having gel nails, just because I see a lot of beautiful fake nails like this! Hehe, but gel nails are of course still much different that such nails. And I’m still happy with my gel nails. 😉

I saw this white now touch pen and of course I already wrote an article about this pen. I’m still a fan from for special occasion!

Fentimans was an unknown brand for me but I really love there rose lemonade and ginger beer!

When I saw this easy vegan book I directly knew this comes on my Christmas wishlist! One of my bucket list items is the vegan challenge so this cooking book is perfect for when I’m trying that challenge!

Omg, this was soooo good! I never tried a savory pancake before. Shame on me! Because it’s so yummy! The pancakes were made by Pascalino. The next time that I’m in Antwerp and I’ve got a little time I’m going to bring Pascalino for sure a visited! Because the pancakes were heavenly!

We all know the famous tweezerman tweezers but now they also have makeup brushes.

Oeeeh, when I see star wars I’m starstruck. How cool are these props? 😉

How pretty are these Evian bottles in collab with Chiara Ferragni! <3

At Mily you could try special or normal stick on eyeliner! Of course I wanted to try something special! And I love it! The woman that designed this brand is a makeup artist. And she is so sweet and such a power woman! This brand is for sure worth buying! It’s perfect to do a special look but also if you aren’t that good in eyeliner! 😉

And an outfit article with these amazing eyeliner stick on will come online very soon! I hope that you loved this article. And if you are curious after my other press days articles? Here is my SS17 article, FW17 and FW16.

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!

Disclaimer: de blogster achter heeft dyslexie. Ik doe mijn best om spellingsfouten te voorkomen. Als je er toch opmerkt alvast sorry hiervoor!