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Essie: spring collection

For a long period I had gel nails, it was so easy but a while ago I stopped with gel nails. And after that I missed wearing a pretty color on my nails. So for a long period I just gave my nails some rest. Till recently I received an amazing package from essie. I got whole their spring collection! And the color looked promising. They describe this collection as a tea party, because just as tea does this collection have something magical. So be sure to check out this article to see the swatches and of course read my review… Because these nail polishes will surprise you…

In this collection you find 6 different colors with a cream finish, pearl or even a shimmer. The colors are beautiful to look at and suit perfectly with spring. So time to show you these 6 amazing colors…

Pinkies out

This is a sweet, soft apricot color with a pearl coral finish. From this color I needed 4 coats…

Tiers of joy

Tiers of joy, is a soft violet color with a pretty blue, green golden pearl finish

Stirring secrets

This is a nude beige cream color with a touch of soft pink.

Reign check

Reign check is a difficult color to describe, this color constantly changes depending from the light. But I would describe this as a soft metallic grey color with a magical golden finish.

Teacup half full

This is a chestnut brown color with a pretty golden iridescence.

A touch of sugar

This is for sure one of my favorites. This is a sweet, soft pink nail polish with a beautiful golden shimmer through it.

Conclusion: I find this spring collection so beautiful and renewing. Only reign check is a bit a strange color for a spring collection, but despite that I find this one special! But my favorite colors from this collection are for sure ‘a touch of sugar’ and ‘stirring secrets’. But now the most important how is the quality… Pinkies out is the only nail polish where I needed 4 coats from. From all the other polishes I just need 2 coat or 3 with I apply it thin. And that is for sure not must because these nail polishes dry fast. And the best from all… Thanks to these polishes my manicure stays good for a long time. I tested these out without base and top coat and my manicure looked perfect for 5 days. Only the 5th day in the evening I needed to remove it. But this was without base and top coat. So with base and top coat I’m pretty sure that your manicure will last a week (?). So essie surprised me with these amazing polishes. The colors are so beautiful and the quality is fantastic! Yes, I’m going to wear these polishes often because I’m so enthaustic about it!

Price: these nail polishes from the essie spring collection are limited available and the price is €12,49 each.

Lots of love xxx

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